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Internal Analysis ( HRM capstone class ) ... > Paraphrase + Add < - Essay Example

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In the first place, the company has a long history of service to customers such that it has become a strong force to reckon with. The…
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Internal Analysis ( HRM capstone class ) ... > Paraphrase + Add <
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Extract of sample "Internal Analysis ( HRM capstone class ) ... > Paraphrase + Add <"

Download file to see previous pages Furthermore, the company has the competency of increasing its production rate.
Just as the organization as a whole, the HR department of the company also have a number of core competences. Some of these are highlighted by Gallo (2010) as “customer service orientation, flexibility, business acumen, initiative and organizational sensitivity.” This means that the human resource department has the competency of giving a lot of attention to customers of the company as much as it would do for staff. With regards to flexibility, it is expected that the human resource department must be in a position to adjust its self to change, ideas and perception. Writing on business acumen, Gallo (2010) states that “employee needs an understanding of basic business in general and the specific business of the firm.” Even more, it is expected that the human resource department would put up a competency of being highly initiative with their action and strategies. By initiatives, it is advocated the human resource comes up with strategies that will in line with modern practices. Finally, Gallo (2010) writes on organizational sensitivity by stating that “employee understands the various relationships of other individuals and departments within the organization and uses that understanding to get things done.” 
There are a number of ways that GC3 amasses its competitive advantage. These include the offering of high grade customer service. By this, the company strives to sell to its customer value; rather than products. This way, even if the company is trading in a particular product at the same price as other competitors, GC3 will be selected because of the level of valuable service they receive from the company. There is also the provision of higher performance products than competitors. This is because the company has made it ideal for quality to come before profit. Invariably, as much ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Internal Analysis ( HRM Capstone Class ) ... > Paraphrase Add &lt; Essay.
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