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WI-FI / WI-MAX - Essay Example

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Wi-Fi is used only in Local Area Networks (LAN) whereas Wi-Max is used in Wide Area Networks (WAN). Wi-Max data transfer rate is much more than that…
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Extract of sample "WI-FI / WI-MAX"

Download file to see previous pages Wi-Fi is an electronic mechanism to exchange data wirelessly between electronic devices such as a computers, laptops, tablets, mobile phones etc. A Wi-Fi enabled device can connect electronic devices with Wi-Fi facilities to interact over a wireless network. Indoor Wi-Fi capabilities are comparatively lesser than that of outdoor Wi-Fi capabilities. Normally only for small distance communication, Wi-Fi is used. On the other hand, Wi-MAX (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access) is a wireless communication technology used to deliver high speed internet services to long distances. Unlike Wi-Fi, Wi-Max is useful for distant communications. Both Wi-Fi and Wi-Max technologies are developed mainly for broadband communication or internet communication.
Even though the bases or the fundamental technologies of both Wi-Fi and Wi-Max are almost the same, both are working on different perspectives; Wi-Fi- for small distance communication and Wi-Max for distant communication. Generally, Wi-Fi is used in the 2G and 3G communication protocols whereas Wi-Max can be used for 2G, 3G or 4G. Wi-Max is capable of raising internet data transfer speed up to 1 Giga Bits per second. It should be noted that Wi-Fi data transfer rate is comparatively lesser than that of Wi-Max.
The major difference between Wi-Fi and Wi-max can be better understood with the help of the comparison between a cordless phone and a mobile phone. A cordless phone can be operated only within a few meters away from the base unit. In other words, cordless phone do not have the ability to receive data from the base unit if it is kept at a longer distance. On the other hand, a mobile phone can be used anywhere in the world where network coverage exists. Same way, Wi-Fi can be used only within a particular distance from the base unit whereas Wi-Max does not have such restrictions with respect to distance from the base unit. Using Wi-Max, a person can access internet even while he is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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