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Statement of intentions - Admission/Application Essay Example

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The purpose for applying for a master’s degree in your university is to both develop on my existing knowledge and to generate additional openings for myself in the near future. I believe that a Masters degree In Business Administration, Finance option will prepare me for a…
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Statement of intentions
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Extract of sample "Statement of intentions"

Download file to see previous pages The environment provided by your University is not only ideal but one of the best in the country to help me achieve my goals and prospects in life.
Before enrolling for my Bachelors degree in Business Administration, I spent two years in school to pursue a diploma in Information Technology. I then worked for two years from 2004 to 2007 in an IT firm. To improve on my communication, I enrolled for English classes from 2007 to 2008. Later on, I secured a place in the University of San Diego to pursue my Bachelors degree in business Administration from 2008. I will be graduating in May, 2012. Moving from the West Coast to the East coast has been another major Challenge in the pursuit of my dream. Though all the cities are in the same country, the cultures and the environment are totally different. However, I have managed to adjust quickly to my new environment. I moved from the West to the East coast so as to have a better shot at joining such a reputable university.
Being an international student, there are so many challenges that I encountered when I came to the US. The climate was quite different from my home country climate. The education system in the US was quite different from what I was used to. From the lecture rooms to the way of examining the student was quite knew to me. However, with the help of a few other students, I managed to settle in. The language was another main problem. I was not an English native speaker and these made it had for me to communicate with others. This was a real challenge and it took me a lot of time to perfect on my communication skills, through listening, reading and putting in extra hours. I had to enroll for an English class so that I could become competent in written and spoken English. My performance has improved tremendously since then. My undergraduate years have not only been tough in classroom but challenging in all ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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