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Understanding Propaganda The understanding of propaganda is complex since propaganda consists of the truth and lies, persuasion and deception, confusion and diversion and takes several forms. There is no clear definition of propaganda since it takes different forms and diverse depending on its application and setting…
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Download file to see previous pages According to Magstadt (147), Propaganda is the deliberate and a systematic effort to manipulate the perceptions, cognitions and or behavior using false, true or partial information in order for the informer to achieve certain specific responses that serves his or her intention. Propaganda may therefore passing information mainly to direct perception towards a certain point for the benefit of the propagandist. It therefore follows that propaganda may not benefit the audience but benefit only the architecture of the propaganda. Propaganda may also be intentional deception of individuals by changing their perceptions towards a particular issue. It can be engineered by the government or politicians for political reasons or just by an individual for self benefit. However, victims of propaganda do not often realize until they are completely deceived. Most of the times, propaganda is used to garner political support for politicians and they do this by spreading propaganda against their rivals. However, it is important to clarify that propaganda is not only for political reasons but may be also witnessed by other societal organizations that have intensions of manipulating the perceptions of the people. The understanding of propaganda in a class setting has therefore to start with the differentiation of propaganda with the other forms of advocacy. There are other forms of advocacy that are used to persuade people and hence change their perception by not necessarily using lies and false information. From the explanation given above, it is clear that there is a difference between propaganda and other tools of persuasion. One idea that has come out is that with propaganda, is that the propagandists are willing and uses confusion and deception to change the people’s perception rather than ordinary persuasion and understanding (Magstadt, 148). Another difference is that they may take the opportunity that the audience do not have the full information and hence use partial truth and partial lies to confuse them and make them believe. For example, in an organization, the leaders of that particular organization know very well that the information may not be true, however for the individuals in the organization that helps in the dissemination of the information; they might not know this. Bringing this difference in class aids in the understanding of propaganda as it it makes the members in a classroom stay focused and avoids confusion with other methods of advocacy. It also brings the concept clearer for the members in the classroom. It is therefore clear that propaganda is deliberate, deception and confusion that is intended to benefit individual interest or group of individuals. The techniques that are used to share propaganda are also very important. Since it is not a direct deception, it is important to outline the various techniques that are used by the propagandist to share information. The two commonly used avenues for sharing propaganda are the advertisements through media and public relations. However the difference should come out clear between the advertisement that are meant to promote a commercial product and the advertisement that is only meant to share propaganda. It should be noted that the propaganda often takes a specific forma and is totally different from the commercial advertisements in the media. Propaganda often takes the political or nationalist kind of messages and hence should not be ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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...Your 09 February Propaganda Propaganda is publicizing selected information in an organized way, which is regarded as misleading or dishonest. It is often used in opposition to government, to tarnish corporate image, the church, in politicking and against a popular or prominent person (Oxford University Press, 1995). This practice has been long established especially in times of war and in some countries during election. Propaganda is used today as it was in the past. However, it has taken many turns in that it is now used in elections (politics) in many countries all over the world to convince the electorate to vote as well as in advertising products. Although most of the electorates...
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...?Analyze a current issue through the lens of propaganda studies, seeing how much propaganda is entering into the fray. The invasion and occupation ofIraq since 2003 is a classic example of the power and effectiveness of propaganda campaigns. For some people, subsequent revelations about the lack of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) might have come as a surprise. But even before the invasion took place, many people across the world (including Americans) took part in mass protestations against what they sensed to be an illegitimate war carried out for unjust reasons. This is a reflection of the general public disillusionment with the functioning of government institutions. More importantly,...
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...?Propaganda Propaganda works for and around human emotions. Without the role of emotions and their direct or indirect influence over the process of opinion making, the use of propaganda would be meaningless. According to Webster’s third International Dictionary (1960), dissemination of ideas, rumor or information with the intention of helping or injuring an institution, a person or a cause can be identified as propaganda. Furthermore, propaganda can only an interactive way to achieve certain purposes. As a result, propaganda is defined as a systematic way to influence certain behaviors, attitudes for attaining the desired response (Jowett...
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...? Propaganda Journalism, Mass Media and Communication The paper aims to proffer issues pertinent to an analysis of an ad according to the following categories: context, ideology, visual appeals, language, identification and otherness. The advertisement to be used to comply with the requirements is one of the best ads of 2011: Volkswagen ‘The Force’. The main message of the ad would be discussed as well as its effectiveness in eliciting emotional appeal from a wide range of audience. Propaganda The word ‘propaganda’ was defined by Linebarger (1954) as consisting of “the planned use of any form of public or mass-produced communication designed to affect the minds and emotions of a given group for a specific purpose, whether military... ,...
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...? Propaganda (a) Propaganda refers to the different means that media is used to inform people in the society about different issue in different life related fields. Propaganda might take different forms in its way to convey the right information to the targeted audience. The means or form of propaganda depends in the type of information to be conveyed and the targeted audience in that given field. Propaganda information can be conveyed through use of bill boards, posters, television, radios and other informative ways. This paper would dwell majorly on posters and the different structural and appearance forms that they take and how they convey the intended...
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...? Propaganda The main purpose of propaganda can either be all about communicating the “truth” or “lies” and “deception”1. In relation to the different purpose of propaganda, this report will purposely compare and contrast the similarities and differences of ‘T’ elements used in the propaganda used by Hitler and Barak Obama’s propaganda which aims to create more jobs for the local people in America by continuously promoting his healthcare campaign2, 3, 4. (See Appendix I – “Even the Youngest Want to Take Hitler’s Picture” – First Image on page 7; Appendix II – “Jobs” – Second Image on page 9) “Total” in the context of propaganda is...
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...? Propaganda Insti Propaganda Introduction Propaganda is simply the information spread deliberately in order to harm an individual, an institution, a group of people, or even a government. The cultural dictionary defines propaganda as legal and official communications of the government to the public in order to influence them politically. The images associated to propaganda found in this course highlight some of the instances of practice of propaganda. This images include, the image displayed in the third lesson about the young imitating Hitler’s steps and actions, what the Chinese postage stamp implicated in relation to...
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...Propaganda Propaganda extends beyond the Machiavellian ‘black’ methods that are often implemented in wartime situations, and includes ‘white’ and ‘grey’ propaganda wherein overtly or subtly stated ideologies are advanced to achieve persuasive means. (Linebarger 1954). One such example of less devious, yet arguably a no less manipulative form of propaganda, is broadcast daily across American television sets – the nightly news. Indeed, recent video leaks of Dan Rather humorously spending five minutes to determine whether to leave his collar up or down for an outside broadcast and Katie Couric mocking then vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin demonstrates both the high...
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... Prof’s http The above four images are all propaganda posters: the first two from the first World War, and the second two from the Second World War. They come from two different time periods, and were also for two different goals. The above two posters were recruiting posters from WWI, which attempted to influence men to enlist in the armed services. They did so by helping men to define themselves as defenders of the women and children they left behind, creating the myth of strong men defending weak women, which would appeal to the egos of young men. Furthermore, they put significant pressure on women to not try to stop men in their lives from enlisting, by implying... (Gullace...
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... Task: Propaganda Part Propaganda entails the use of selective approach in communicating information to the masses. It relies on a combination of communication techniques in disseminating information to influence a particular group of people in the society. The focus of propaganda is altering the attitude of the masses. In most cases, people disseminate information without facts. Politicians have used it as a political tool that convinces masses. Propaganda also serves the interest of the senders of the message. According to Jowett, Garth & Victoria (51), propaganda creates confusion to the masses whenever directed to a definite group in the populace. This is because it has a way of distorting truths. The media helps in spreading... ...
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