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Rhetorical analysis about the westboro church. the link to the article is on the intructions - Essay Example

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From the text “Does the Westboro Baptist Church have the right to free speech?”, the writer puts the reader on a clear platform to use their own conscience to determine the extent to which they exploit their freedom of expression. He achieves this by thoroughly debating on…
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Rhetorical analysis about the westboro church. the link to the article is on the intructions
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Extract of sample "Rhetorical analysis about the westboro church. the link to the article is on the intructions"

Download file to see previous pages Among the many freedoms that the American people enjoy, the freedom of speech was the first amendment made to the American constitution and was included in the bill of rights. It is the most fundamental freedom and given priority by the founding fathers to define the American spirit. However, expression of this right is dependent on the individual and the topic under discussion. Sensitive topics attract a lot of debate from different parties who may be in favour or against the ideas that one expresses. Moreover, it is necessary to realise that the universe is not homogenous in its views and, it is through this that the world grows (Werhan, 8).
The expression of this freedom can lead to overexploitation, which is punishable by law in cases where the law refers to it as hate speech. In such cases, it leads to issuance of verdicts when expression of this freedom causes emotional or physical damage when directed to parties who may not be the right receivers of the blame or the doers of such an act. However, radical means have to be within the limits of the constitution if they are to be used to express freedom of speech. This will attract no punishment because this freedom is enshrined in the American constitution. This calls for consideration of the extent to which individuals can exercise their freedom of speech because of the many fatalities that have resulted due unnecessary blames and pressures exerted on an individual who is purported to go against moral standards.
This piece of writing is addressed to learned individuals in the American society because this writer applies impartiality in addressing the freedom of expression. This is because the writer does not give limitations on exercise of their freedom of speech. He only exposes all sides of this freedom and gives the reader an opportunity to decide their stance. The general American population does not have adequate knowledge about the bill of rights. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Rhetorical Analysis about the Westboro Church. The Link to the Article Essay)
Rhetorical Analysis about the Westboro Church. The Link to the Article Essay.
“Rhetorical Analysis about the Westboro Church. The Link to the Article Essay”, n.d.
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