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Changing Landscapes of work (Argument Synthesis) - Essay Example

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Technological changes have brought about several changes; the unskilled American workers would very soon be superseded by…
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Changing Landscapes of work (Argument Synthesis)
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Extract of sample "Changing Landscapes of work (Argument Synthesis)"

Client’s 29 January The world has become really competitive and well paid jobs are hard to find, several Americans were sacked when the American economy was in turmoil. Technological changes have brought about several changes; the unskilled American workers would very soon be superseded by sophisticated machines capable of doing the job that is being done by unskilled labor. The new jobs are expected to be really well paid and there will also be a sense of security which will come with it.
Education play will a crucial part in generating jobs, unskilled labor would find it hard to survive but people who develop special skills and succeed in getting a specialization would be the most sought-after by the employers. It is also expected that the American workers would migrate to other countries in search of better and well paid jobs but only the best ones would be able to fit into an organization. New jobs would not require much physical ability it will have to be brains and brains only, it is also expected that the old American workforce and women would continue to struggle to get into decent organizations.
Exporting jobs to Asian countries has become a very popular trend and this trend is expected to continue, it is expected to continue because American workers ask for too much compensation when compared to the workers in Asia, this makes the decision very simple and straight forward for the employers. The same work is being done in countries like India and Singapore for far less than in America.
Low-skilled labors will be affected the most, globalization has already taken a toll on them and they have to be content with subpar wages and this is expected to continue. There is a lot of competition when it comes to the low-skilled or unskilled American workers and this competition is expected to get even fiercer.
The students would inevitably have to change their career plan because a lot of changes are going to take place in the near future. Specialization and specialized courses would be preferred and would become more rewarding in the near future.
America is getting older and this will be a problem in the future. Baby boomers would refrain from retiring early because they would keep looking for external sources of income and this is going to affect the economy on the whole.
Technology is getting better with each passing day and sophisticated technology is going to take away several jobs in the future, it has already taken away jobs in the past. For instance, an automated voice on the telephone was earlier recorded by Indian workers but digitalization has taken away that job and these days it is a digital voice which does the job. Similarly many jobs would be taken away as technology gets better, to conclude it is very fair to say that the world is going to become even more competitive and low-skilled and unskilled labors would find it very hard to compete, they will have to make do with depressed wages. Read More
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