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Culture is Ordinary and the Landscape is Unified - Assignment Example

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This review discusses cultural plethora as a social subject matter. The review examines the link between culture landscapes, shifting nature of pop culture and the ever-changing relationships between regional and racial geography…
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Culture is Ordinary and the Landscape is Unified
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Extract of sample "Culture is Ordinary and the Landscape is Unified"

Download file to see previous pages For this reason, culture is ordinary because it largely depends on external forces. This implies that secondary influential forces such as cultural assimilation and other languages can easily make an individual adopt a new culture and language.
The legacies Williams refer to, in his arguments relating to the central cultural problem of our society, are pretense, overdependence on modernization, globalization, and the institutionalization of culture as a social process. Culture has been manipulated in the recent past, and the blame for this manipulation is on human hands. Cultural purity has, therefore, not been observed especially due to ever-looming modernity. Additionally, cultural serenity has been impossible because the world has become a global village. Through these legacies, Williams argues that acculturation and multi-cultures have globally emerged, and this undermines the centrality of societies (Williams 97). This is the period Williams describes as the time cultural manipulation outrageously outgrown beyond repair (Williams 98).
In his first dimension, Harvey outlines three types of space and time, which include absolute space, relative space, and rational space-time. According to Harvey (2009), an absolute space is immovable and fixed (134). Sir Isaac Newton and Descartes also amplify this space. Absolute space, just like absolute humidity, can be understood geographically as a pre-existing, liliaceous, continuous and an unchanging framework. Relative space, on the other hand, is differentiated from absolute space by the name it is associated with (Harvey 145). It is usually inclined towards one of the non-Euclidean geometries and Albert Einstein’s theories. Relative space pre-eminently and irrationally presents the space of process and motion.
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