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Marketing Research - Assignment Example

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Companies employ the methodologies while seeking to discover occurrences and certain aspects. Researchers seek to unveil reasons entangling consumer’s behavior. This…
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Assignment Marketing Research
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Download file to see previous pages Qualitative technique seeks to exemplify attitudes concerning behavior posed by consumers. Credits depicted by this technique include intense scrutiny incorporated during research. Unlike quantitative, it focuses on value instead of statistical facts (Katsirikou & Skiadas: 2010, pp. 27). This encompassed digging deeply to unveil perceptions encompassed by consumers. In-depth analysis occurs by execution of interviews performed at individual stages. The interviews demand exhaustive information because consumers explicate themselves. The interviews depict no time limits and thus customers entail chances to offer explanations concerning their behavior. Therefore, qualitative technique clinches the tribute of gathering detailed information. Detailed information entails negligible loopholes because it equips the researcher with satisfactory knowledge. Consequently, sufficient knowledge culminates to the researcher drawing sound conclusions concerning their study. Interviews conducted result to rich knowledge concerning consumer mannerisms. Qualitative technique thus entails illuminations of a dependable method. Under this technique, there encompasses various approaches towards gathering rightful information involving the customer’s. The interviews depict liberated forums where consumers would articulate themselves without panic of intimidation. In addition, the technique presents contact with the clientele. This methodology thus offers a personal touch, hence urging consumers to air their feelings eloquently (Tadic & Mamic: 2011, pp. 280). In addition, incorporation of focus groups eminent in qualitative technique presents a reliable approach. This gains explanations from the information that these groups involve experts who seek digging for information by discussing. Observational technique depicts another qualitative technique. The method entails the advantage of being economical. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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