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Extracurricular involvement - Admission/Application Essay Example

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As a child, I was more into solo musical activities such as piano playing. Piano recitals were my first taste of being onstage and performing. Performing was something that became…
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Extracurricular involvement
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Extract of sample "Extracurricular involvement"

Download file to see previous pages Piano was great for finder dexterity but did nothing for my waistline and overall figure. When my best friend suggested that I try dancing, I did not have any idea that my participating in that activity would lead the emergence of my leadership abilities. I was involved in the world of dance at my high school in all of the four years that I have been in attendance.
Dance as both an exercise and social activity helped me reach out to more of my peers and allowed me to develop leadership abilities that I never knew I had. Dance served as the key towards helping me discover my leadership abilities and allowed me to build a social network based on the friends I made from both the upper and lower classes in my school. The fact that dance helped me make more friends at the school than I normally would without having participated in a common activity inspired me to start a dance initiative at my school in order to help other students who needed help socializing.
Thanks to the upperclassmen who let me cut the rug with them during our vacant periods and after classes, I learned more and more intricate dance moves. Moves that they encouraged me to learn and actually choreograph whenever inspiration struck. Their patience and guidance helped boost my self confidence and trained me to develop more grace and fluidity in my dance moves.
That initiative led my creating a 5 person dance crew which tried out and performed at various school programs. We all learned about the real meaning of teamwork and how the success of our group could never be attributed to only one person. Our sense of teamwork and camaraderie actually helped us snag our most notable performance at the Rolia Gala where we performed before an audience of 2000.
Our dance group managed to stay intact during our third year which is why we were able to continue trying out for and performing in school variety shows. This was aside from ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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