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Why has the New Christian Right been so successful in US politics since the early 1990s - Essay Example

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Arab countries cannot think in terms of avoiding religion from their internal politics. In fact religion controls all the political and administrative activities in countries such as Saudi…
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Why has the New Christian Right been so successful in US politics since the early 1990s
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Extract of sample "Why has the New Christian Right been so successful in US politics since the early 1990s"

Download file to see previous pages America was one of the most liberal democratic countries in the world until recent times. People from all over the world and from different cultures stayed in harmony in America because of the immense freedom and liberties supplied to them by the most civilized administrations in America. Even though America is a Christian dominant country, Hindus, Muslims, Jews and Sikhs faced no discrimination in America until recent times. In fact they were able to establish their own churches, mosques and temples and were able to spread their religion across America. However, 9/11 world trade centre attack by some of the terrorists forced America to rethink and redefine its policies towards people from other cultures and countries.
America society is believed to be the most liberal society in the world. Same sex marriages, gayism, lesbianism and homosexuality are accepted life styles in America at present. Americans do not bother much to reveal their sexual orientation at present. Instead of marriage, the new concept of living together is getting popularity in America now. However, it should be noted that a substantial portion of American population still believe in traditions, customs and religions. They are not ready to accept the changes with both hands. Such people started the efforts to regain the lost values, customs and traditions in America society. As a result of that, concepts such as Christian Right and New Christian Right started to develop in America.
Christian right is a term used to describe the right political groups in America. It is an informal coalition of various religious communities such as Catholics, Evangelists and Protestants. Right wing political groups in America are adamant in their beliefs and are not ready to dilute their religious beliefs for political gains. They are keen in developing a political system in accordance with the Christian doctrines. As Republican Party principles are ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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