How has the American media changed since 1990 What have been the political consequences - Essay Example

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Media is “television, radio, and print journalism, and there are many media degrees that focuses on these key areas” (Cardwell and Trotman publishing, 2000, P.1). The history of American media dates back to 1828, when the first American Indian newspaper was published in the…
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How has the American media changed since 1990 What have been the political consequences
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Download file to see previous pages When dealing with media, many people think of television, radio, internet, and mails. Television is the news source most relied on by the American people. The media takes the effort to share information or entertain different people in different language and location (Sterling and Kittross, 2002). Media first begun when the cavemen shouted to send a warning or communicating with people, earshot which was closer to modern methods of media, and technology such as horn, bells, drums, and fire signal. Eventually people started to use more complex methods to communicate to the next generation.
The first real change in media came with the introduction of the printing press. For years the technological development of media involved distance, speed, number of copies, and quantity. Every new technology was a balance of these demands (Sterling and Kittross, 2002). The pony express was used to deliver mails faster than any other method. Speed and distance helped in the development of telegraphs. In American, the first practical telegraph was invented by Samuel Finley Breene Morse, also known as an artist. The telegraph became the most effective form of media.
With the successful development of the telegraph and telephone in America communication was much easier. At this time electricity was used and with the use of electricity, the radio was introduced. Radio broadcasting thus became the new electrical communication. The telegraph, telephone, and radio were the quickest ways of communication (Sterling and Kittross, 2002). The radio reduced the reliance on wires, and also reduced the production of copies and hand-lettering. However, media development was slow and experienced some challenges such as the freedom of press, regulation of broadcasting and other issues.
Freedom of press: Freedom of press can be traced back to the ratification ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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