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Carriage trade medicine - Case Study Example

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To afoot the bill of medical facilities within their shoe string budget amounts to hard nut to crack. The annual retainer fee comes to USD 1500 plus per visit fee which Charlotte…
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Carriage trade medicine case
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Extract of sample "Carriage trade medicine"

No: Carriage Trade Medicine Q What kind of problem solving situation is selecting a doctor for Charlotte? What is the evidence for your decision?
Answer: In America, most of the Americans are hardly able to bear the brunt of medical expenses. To afoot the bill of medical facilities within their shoe string budget amounts to hard nut to crack. The annual retainer fee comes to USD 1500 plus per visit fee which Charlotte has to pay through her noses putting considerable burden on her wallet. She is the one amongst scores of Americans who have to find out such health care plan(s) that suits her requirement and at a much lower and affordable rate. Her problem is that she is looking for a doctor who has the capacity, competency and capability to provide her best medical facilities at affordable rate. The solution of her problem lies either with the Government sponsored health care programme or the HMO package since both the plans are much cheaper than the other plans, therefore, she can afford it and pay it easily. It transpired from the above contents that the scope of health care facilities in the USA is limited and it varies from segment to segment of the income group. The decision making process is limited.
Q.2: What kind of information search did Charlotte engage in? Were there information sources she might have used but didn’t?
Answer: After a thorough study of available health care options, she come close to engage one out of the doctors Smith, Jones, Williams and Connors in line with the criterion mentioned at Table-A. In spite of that she could not decide which option she should adopt best suited for her health care. The reason being she developed her mind to allocate 100 points as per the criteria at cited table but could get only 45 points out of it. She can have HMO affiliation or state owned health care facilities being cheaper as compared to the other available options. In fact, she wanted to have two things a) best medical facilities b) best doctors to treat her. The mentioned two can be available provided her wallet size permits her to do so which is not possible due to her low income. In my opinion she should go for state sponsored medical facilities.
She considered and reconsidered the options available which includes free health care state plan wherein all contributions covered by the state, contrary to that HMO required monthly contribution from Charlotte, Plan ‘A’ requires monthly contribution 32.75 USD and Plan ‘B’ requires 41.05 USD. After a thorough study of the available health care options, she comes close to Plan ‘B’. In spite of that she could not decide which option she should adopt best suited to her health care.
Q.3: Should Charlotte use a compensatory or non-compensatory decision rule in this situation. Support your answer?
Answer: Yes, Charlotte should opt for the compensatory decision rule keeping in mind the manifold expenses on this count. She has no other choice but to rely on those plans which she can afford and get best available medical facilities. The health care facilities in America put American citizens into different buckets in terms of their capacity to pay. The quality and quantity are something they have to look upon keeping in mind their wallet size. It is quite natural that if someone wants to see the specialist for his / her treatment he / she have to bear the expenses of quality health care facilities. It is crystal clear that available health care facilities in the US vary from patient to patient keeping his / her absorbing capacity.
Q.4: What doctor will she choose if she uses lexicographic rule, a conjunctive rule ( use cutoffs of 7 for recommendations, 6 for locations and office hours) Think carefully about how to handle yes / no answers. What would you do with those?
Answer: As far as the ratings of Table-A and conjunctive rule is concerned she would decide in favor of Doctor Smith. There cannot be two opinions that by selecting mentioned doctor for her treatment she would get the best medical facilities in hand. There is an adage that “to gain something you have to lose something” She would select state sponsored health care plan or HMO affiliation being somewhat at par in terms of medical facilities that is cheap and affordable as compared to other plans for her health care once she takes into account other factors that are in the way. She has to consider beforehand if opts for HMO affiliation, location of the facilities, convenient hours (when she off the hook from office works), lab facilities and x-rays. The other way round, it would cost her more which she can’t afford after meeting other necessities of life.
Q.5: If Charlotte uses a compensatory model, which doctor would she choose?
Answer: Charlotte would choose Dr. Smith for her treatment being manifold facilities available under compensatory model. The selection of Dr. Williams is due to multiple benefits i.e. location, office hours, services and the Plan-B as evident in the chart ‘A’ for “Evaluation of Doctors”. Read More
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Carriage Trade Medicine Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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