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Bio/ on Helen Hunt Jackson - Research Paper Example

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Helen Hunt Jackson was indeed a remarkable lady who was most well-known for her campaign, involvement, and effort on behalf of the rights of Native Americans. She was a prominent woman in the nineteenth century recognized as a supporter and campaigner of the American Indian…
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Bio/research paper on Helen Hunt Jackson
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Extract of sample "Bio/ on Helen Hunt Jackson"

Download file to see previous pages Her mother was Deborah Waterman Vinal. Helen had two other brothers but because of misfortune, both passed away right after they were born.
In 1884, another great tragedy and adversity struck Helen’s life. At a very early age, she had lost her mother and three years later, only seventeen years old; her father had died as well. This was a very difficult time in Jackson’s life as it was her father who was financing and paying for her education. Before he had passed away, he prearranged for her aunt to take her in and take care of her.
She then went to New York City and attended school in Ipswich Female Seminary. She later transferred to the Abbott Institute. This institute was a boarding school, which was managed by Reverend J.S.C. Abbott. Emily Dickinson, American poet, who also studied at Amherst when both Emily Dickinson and Helen Jackson were only young girls, became her classmate. Their friendship in the long run became lifelong. Throughout their lives, they kept in touch and wrote letters to each other. Only a small number of these letters have survived.
In 1852, at a young age of twenty-two, Helen was married to Edward Bissell Hunt, a captain for the United States Army. The following years would be the time of a series of tragedies and loss for her. Helen and Edward both had two children. One, Murray Hunt, did not survive as a newborn due to a brain illness. Eleven years after their marriage, in 1863, Edward breathed his last breath in a military mishap. Two years after that, in 1865, her second son and only family member left, Rennie Hunt, passed away too because of diphtheria, a contagious respiratory tract illness.
She would later meet William Sharpless Jackson around 1873 to 1874, a rich banker and railroad administrative, whom she would remarry a few years later in 1875. The two met at the Seven Fall’s resort in Colorado Springs, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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