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Black Nationalism - Essay Example

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Over the years, ideology has been used by individual persons and group of people to achieve certain ends especially liberations,…
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Black Nationalism
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Extract of sample "Black Nationalism"

Download file to see previous pages ings in a comprehensive manner; comparing various views, common sense, philosophical tendencies, and/ or set of ideas that are proposed by class that is dominant in a given society (Michael 6).
The main logic behind ideology is to bring about change that is deemed desirable in the society, or through a normative process, facilitate adherence to certain ideals where there is already the existence of conformity. The use of ideology in search for freedom among the blacks is one of the most evident across the world. This is because, for a long time the blacks have been advocating for gaining the national identity like the other races. Their advocacy was informed by the fact that the blacks across the world were under various forms of bondage namely colonialism in Africa and slavery in America. As a result, they were racially discriminated, and politically and economically sidelined in addition to losing their identity, thus, the rise of Black Nationalism. In the United States, Black Nationalism referred to a social and political movement that held set of beliefs that the American Americans should have political, economic, and social institutions that are distinct and separate from those of white society. This discussion will critically analyze the significance of black separatism ideological approach that was beneficial to the Black quest for freedom and self- determination.
The ideology of Black separatism was one of the major ideologies under the political slogan ‘Black Power’. The ideology was pushed forward by Black Power adherents who believed in Black autonomy and the need of blacks separating from the whites economically, politically, and socially. The ideology was prominent in the 1960s and 1970s during the Black Power movement that emphasized on recognition and respect of black race identity and advocated for the creation of black social and political institutions in order to promote the collective interests of the blacks and advance their values as well ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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