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Car Commercials - Essay Example

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In a good car commercial, beautiful cinematography display, vistas, higher speed, and amazing special effects are normally included. The process of…
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Car Commercials
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Extract of sample "Car Commercials"

Download file to see previous pages Mercedes-Benz is a high-class automobile company which products are always made for luxury, dependability, and reliability (Biebrach 3). Mercedes-Benz, for instance, is currently the most advertised model of cars in the continent with the best and largest customer test fleet. The main objective of the company is to reduce fuel consumption and to minimize emissions, as well as eliminating them in the process (Ferreira para.3).
The whole point behind creating extravagant, informative, and creative commercials is to get people to buy, use, or sell the product. In his statement, Dr Martin Zimmermann, President and CEO of Mercedes-Benz South Africa, said that Mercedes-Benz customers want comfortable, safe, and very powerful vehicles that are efficient and environmentally compatible. Of course, there is the bragging aspect where people air all of their achievements in the hopes of allowing customers to realize just how fantastic their company is. He added that the main challenge is to make motor vehicles more efficient and clean without interfering with safety or comfort (Ferreira, para.7). This emphasis is included in commercials in order to lure customers.
It is obvious that high-class cars or vehicles are very expensive to be afforded by poor people and, of course, cheaper for the rich citizens. This is the reason why Mercedes-Benz decided to invent a new model “A-Class” that will be affordable by all the people in various social strata (Biebrach, 3). Its is believed that the first campaign for Mercedes-Benz advertisement happened in 20th May 1996, however, their first class car “A-Class” was officially launched on October, 18th 1997. The strategy of the campaign had four phases: “Big Bang,” New Perspectives,” New choices” and “New Experiences” (Biebrach, 3). The key goal and objective of the campaign was to sell 80,000 cars in a year and make ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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