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Paraphrasing my Business administration Capstone assignment - Essay Example

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This follows strategic management, a process whereby a decision is made on the kinds of strategy and actions that should be undertaken for the purposes of realizing the stipulated by the corporation, consequently accomplishing the company’s purpose. Both internal and external…
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Paraphrasing my Business administration Capstone assignment
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Download file to see previous pages For the Stilsim Company to be able to create a generic strategy intended at enhancing their competitiveness in the market, the following are essential:
Differentiation is aimed at appealing to clients by distinguishing between the corporation’s product and services and those that are provided by the rivals, thus giving clients a clear option as well as gaining their favor.
In addition, the corporate level strategy the other strategy that can possibly used in place of the generic strategy, which is also known as the grand strategy. This strategy consists of the corporation’s supply-chain mechanism and the organizational structure. In using this strategy, the company is able to choose the business areas to be pursued, and determines that benefits that are realized by the company together with the amount of its competitiveness. At corporate level, strategic management is critical for the corporation since it is the foundation of the corporate as well as unit level financial strategic planning.
Different from the corporate level strategy and generic strategy, we find that functional strategy is the functional strategy, which describes the strategy that is applied in each function of the like a strategy of product development and strategy of human resource, and these come from the major business strategy so as the company to be in a position of gaining a competitive advantage in the market as well as be able to create value.
The Stilsim Company has many crucial matters that should be addressed. The identification of the issues that face the company has been done by the use of rational, internal and external analysis. The most disturbing, out of these issues is that with the Capital City Office, the main office which is no longer productive. However, this gives the company a less competitive advantage. If the company wants to gain comparative advantage over its ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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