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Capstone Experience (Strategy and Alignment) 1 - Assignment Example

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The process that was analyzed in an organizational setting using the RAEW analysis is the customer representatives’ responsibilities in addressing customer complaints in an effective manner. The basic responsibility of the customer service representative is to provide customer…
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Capstone Experience (Strategy and Alignment) 1
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Extract of sample "Capstone Experience (Strategy and Alignment) 1"

Strategy and Alignment al Affiliation Strategy and Alignment What is the process you analyzed? The process that was analyzed in an organizational setting using the RAEW analysis is the customer representatives’ responsibilities in addressing customer complaints in an effective manner. The basic responsibility of the customer service representative is to provide customer with comprehensive information to assist them in the buying process. As disclosed, “depending on a person’s role in the organisation they will use some combination of these four elements to participate in the process” (Jisc, 2014, p. 1).
How is it performing poorly?
When customer representatives are not given the authority nor the responsibility to address customers’ complaints, the process of resolving these issues would be delayed and would cause dissatisfaction. In the current process, whenever there are customers who complain, the issue is elevated to the supervisor or manager for the needed decision.
Can you find any structural misalignments using the RAEW tool?
The structural misalignment using the RAEW tool is responsibility without authority (Strategy and Alignment, 2014). As emphasized in the RAEW tool, the “technique is intended to clarify to people the part they play in performing a specific business function within the enterprise” (YouSigma, 2008, p. 1). Thus, it identified the role and responsibilities of the customer service representative and those tasks outside of their jurisdiction.
Describe the misalignment and the consequences of it.
Customer representatives have the responsibility to address customers’ complaints but do not have the authority to decide, since they have to refer the matter to their supervisors or managers.
How would you fix this misalignment?
The misalignment could be fixed with clearer policies and procedures regarding addressing customers’ complaints. The organization could determine the usual complaints encountered in their work setting and determine the appropriate ways to address these. Thus, routine complaints could be addressed directly by the customer service representatives without referring the matter to their supervisors. In this regard, resolution to customers’ complaints would be immediate and efficient.
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