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Personal and Professional Development: Reflective Statement - Essay Example

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As a student, I have encountered Personal development through blogs and group discussions that allow for exchange of information through means that are quiet different from class work. This group discussions occurring on a weekly basis for the purposes of learning and problem…
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Personal and Professional Development: Reflective Statement
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Extract of sample "Personal and Professional Development: Reflective Statement"

Download file to see previous pages Our group members assists each other in examining the standards a student is required to master, planning for the lessons, criticism of work and solving common learning problems such as mastering the concept of merchandising and the duties of a merchandiser by extension.
A visual merchandiser has the duty of sidetracking and analyzing market trends, production cost as well as previous sales numbers to establish the brand direction that the manufacturer will take on different seasons. The visual merchandiser must be resourceful, confident, creative and imaginative in creating effective window and floor displays to market his brand.
The increase in popularity of window and floor displays has evolved to form the new career field of visual merchandising. It involves creation of impossible window displays. Visual merchandisers can work in euphoria, fashion boutiques, shopping malls, freelance windows display in exhibitions, fares, floor managers, export managers etc (Anne & Brian, 2008). This extract analyses key issues in range planning for a mock product corella.
Effective visual merchandising decisions can be made to drive the profits up and increase customer loyalty. They involve setting the right prices, selecting the right products and selection of locality. They enable one to eliminate out of stock situations. The visual merchandiser has to replenish the inventory, make purchases and execute vendor management.
The company’s financial plan must be reviewed from time to time to establish critical success factors to meet sales, margins and inventory targets. Tools for analyzing such data can include: dashboards, composition trees and performance maps for optimum planning and informed decision making.
The purpose of range planning is to communicate the brand image to increase its sales. It helps in creating long term brand loyalty through presenting the right brand image by taking proper care of the retail front which is the face ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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