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Hitlers Table Talk, 1941-1944 - Term Paper Example

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The book Hitler’s Table Talk exists in various versions, written by different authors (among the most well-known authors of such table talks are Hugh Trevor-Roper, Hermann Rauschning and Henry Picker) and is a well-known source of disagreements. The text is so shocking that…
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Hitlers Table Talk, 1941-1944
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Extract of sample "Hitlers Table Talk, 1941-1944"

Download file to see previous pages Moreover, the conceptual accuracy of the statements in Picker’s book was notarized by Hitler’s personal aides, who witnessed most of the talks. Still, dubiousness to the book is given by the fact that the basic notes had been “finalized” by Henry Picker after the war, when he was captured by the British military forces. It is not impossible that the notes were entirely recomposed after the war and there is not doubt that such “revisions” were carried out under the order of British intelligence. The book still is in the middle of a fierce historical discussion. But no one denies that the book has a rational kernel, a grain of historical truth and is more than just the interesting fiction reading.
A reader can notice immediately after reading that the book contains no answer to the most important question: How did it happen that the son of a petty official from the Austrian hinterland, poorly educated, with uncertain social background, inept and helpless, mastered all the dark forces and controlling them almost conquered the whole world? But the book is interesting in other ways. In the monologues, written in an informal setting, the leader of the Nazis is seen by the readers not only as a crazy dictator obsessed with mass murders, but quite often as a forehanded politician, understanding many areas of life, including individual and mass psychology. The book is nothing but the impressive collection of monologues and statements of Hitler, delivered in the most intimate circle, in the most private setting - during casual meals (lunch and dinners, but most often - the second dinners late after midnight) during the period 1941-1944. What is interesting in all this?
The author clearly tries to study the development of Hitler’s thinking. This point is usually ignored by historians which is totally wrong. Personality of Hitler is revealed through ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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