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There is an impact of developing output media on the design and creation of graphic images, for example, there is a big difference in using latest and advanced printers than using the old ones, or maybe having a big monitor over a small one. This is because, one has a high…
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Digital graphics
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Digital Graphics: Unit Task Limitations of different hardware and software packages used in graphics work. Laser Printer
Inkjet Printer
They have higher resolution hence better print quality
They have lower resolution hence lower print quality
Have higher printing speed and produce more pages per minute
Lower printing speed hence print fewer pages per minute
Paper Handling
very accurate and high and runs a lot of paper
Handles lower volume of printing
Colour Printing
Produces high quality colour print
Produces lower quality colour print
Environmental Issues
Can release dangerous amounts of ozone if not properly maintained
Ink spills may destroy the environment
Health & Safety Issues
Can release dangerous amounts of ozone if not properly maintained
Ink spill may cause health problems if accidentally swallowed
Expensive than inkjet printer
Solid State Disk
Hard Disk
Holds a small capacity of information
Holds quite a lot of information
Has higher read/write speeds compared to Hard disk drive
Lower speed due to lower cache as compared to solid state disk
less liable to physical shock
Liable to shock
Not reliable without power
Stores memory without power
Environmental Issues
Does not have any moving parts
They have some moving parts
Not expensive that a solid state disk
CRT Monitor
LCD Monitor
Physical size
Big in size and heavy
LCD is light in weight
Refresh Rate
Takes time when refreshed
Has a high refresh rate
Angle of viewing
good for web surfing because it uses sharp text and colour rich graphics
images viewed straight on because of dilution and clarity of colour
Colour rendition
Has colour rich in graphic
Has clarity of colour
Environmental issues
Takes a lot of space and produce a lot of heat
flexible, movable and easy to store. Produce less heat
Not expensive
LCD is more expensive that CRT because technology has advanced
Vector Graphics
Bitmap Graphics
Ability to resize graphic
The image can be resized with no loss of resolution
Resizing the image leads to loss of quality
File Size
Small in size
Large in size
Compatibility (software/web)
They are not compatible with many softwares
Compatible with most softwares and web browsers
Image types that can be represented
Logos, fonts
Digital photos
Task 2:  Impact of evolving output mediums on the design and creation of graphics images
There is an impact of developing output media on the design and creation of graphic images, for example, there is a big difference in using latest and advanced printers than using the old ones, or maybe having a big monitor over a small one. This is because, one has a high resolution in big and new printers, or monitors because it means that the quality produced will be better, as well as one has a big zooming area than would have in small resolutions. The only challenge is buying the big and developed mobile phones, printers or e-book readers may be expensive. Additionally, there have been developments in printers since they were first created, where they were very slow and basic printers. They used to be expensive at the time unlike now, where one can purchase them easily. The only problem is that such printers take a long time to print and therefore, shows how much printers have upgraded but expensive. To add to this there are new printers that have come up and made currently, as well as increases speed of printing as well as lowers costs (Niemeyer, 2008, 23-144).
Development of mobile phones also has a big effect on the design and creation of images. Latest mobile phones’ models have cameras, which can be used to take photos and transfer them to a computer using either Bluetooth technology or a data cable. In addition, some mobile phones have such as latest smart phones have inbuilt softwares that can be used to edit images. E-book readers have also had a great impact on the design and creation of images. E-books are now designed in such a way that they are compatible with both the computers and e-readers.
Niemeyer.K. (2008). Introduction to desktop publishing with digital graphics. New York: McGraw Hill/Glencoe. Pg.(23-144). Read More
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