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I am a very dedicated student at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign attending my bachelor’s degree of science in mathematics with a minor in statistics, the course that I will sail through in May 2012. I would like to join…
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Application to
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"Application to"

Download file to see previous pages I attended my high school education at Olympiad Junior high school where my mathematics journey started. During my high school experience, I got the first prize after emerging the winner in the National Mathematics of Olympiad Competition. Since then, I have grown up to realize that mathematics is not only theorems or forums but it has taught me how to think in a logical process. After my high school education, I joined China Agricultural University for a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering in agriculture. It took me two years and two months between May two thousand and eight and July two thousand and ten. In the course of this time, I received a scholarship for an outstanding student. I managed to learn a lot in mathematics during my first two years of study in agricultural engineering. It is the same time I began to learn how to apply mathematics in life. For example, the power of math in solving engineering problems and the basic terminologies, logarithms and theorems helped in building up my solid foundation. Finance is always my interest, which goes in, the same line with mathematics. For me, finance alongside mathematics is a tool for making money from money. I got this knowledge from my parents who have heavily invested in the stock market. They helped me to invest my pocket money by which I was able to win my first profit at the age of eighteen years.
Due to my passion in mathematics, I transferred from China to United States since I wanted to pursue the best educational resource in the world. The other reason why I transferred is that I wanted to major in mathematics, which was not available at China Agricultural University. China and United States experience different climatic conditions and culture. I was able to cope up quickly with the new destination because of my resilience.
I have worked in several institutions that deal with computation skills. In Washington DC, I worked with HIS Global ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Application to Personal Statement Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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