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: Solano Canyon Community Garden - Fieldnote - Assignment Example

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In this assignment, I was an observant and a learner. I know it is hard to remember all the details so I was glad I brought my notebook with me. I was there from mid-afternoon of September 28, and I stayed for over an…
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: Solano Canyon Community Garden - Fieldnote
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Download file to see previous pages If I would base their roles on the clothes they were wearing, I would not have guessed correctly. I remember asking myself who supervises what these people do, since they all seemed to be ordinary gardeners to me --- of course, aside from the roles they play outside the community garden. I began approaching and talking to a couple of people, asking what kind of plant is that, how tall they grow, and what good they are for. At first I thought I was getting simple answers. But the way they describe the plants, as if they are “humans” who got preferences and are better able to “socialize” with particular sets of plants, made me realize how knowledgeable these people are. After that, I went on walking around, trying to enjoy the plants and suddenly realizing that the air seemed to smell sweeter around here. Well if you came from the highways of LA and suddenly went inside a wide area of greenery, you would notice even the faintest smell of grass crushing under the worn soles of your sneakers. Yes, that is what I was wearing then.
I noticed another group of adults who kept tending to different plants for at least 10 minutes non-stop. They exchanged short, clipped statements that were usually about the plants, the soil, or the location of the tools. I noticed most of them seemed to have “favorites” when it comes to plants, since they kept going back to that same plot for the next several minutes. I learned that these plants they were doting on were planted by their students during a certain planting project. The mention of “kids,” “students,” and “classrooms” provided me all the hint I needed to know that they work either in day care centers or surrounding elementary schools.
I tried to walk past these people for several minutes, gathering bits and pieces of information from their casual exchanges. I ended up learning something that I always thought I knew, but never really experienced ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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