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As an individual completes a bad habit such as procrastinating or biting their nails, their body is recognizing the action more and more as bad habits start…
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Process Analysis
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Bad Habits Habits are routines of behavior that are continuously repeated until action become regular and often subconsciously. As an individual completes a bad habit such as procrastinating or biting their nails, their body is recognizing the action more and more as bad habits start reoccurring on a daily basis. The link between context and action slowly increases which is the process of habit formation. Habit formation is an increase in automaticity with number of repetitions up to an asymptote. The basal ganglia can remember the context that triggers a habit, can revive it if the triggers reappear. This makes it hard to ignore a bad habit if its contents are still within your reach. Withdrawal of reinforcers means identifying and moving out the factors that trigger the bad habit, and encourage its existence. When bad habits are at their worst, this can make it very frustrating and complicated to quit. Similar to an addiction, the bad habit signals the brain and in your mind, the consequences you are receiving from it are good reinforcers, when in reality they are really hurting you in some way.
On the other end, most habits start as early as childhood. Bad habits in children can happen more because of a lack in parental boundaries. Some bad habits develop as children. When the bad habit is not addressed properly, the mind sees no reason to stop the habit unless the individual makes the direct choice to quit. Although, the longer the habit goes on, the harder it is to let it go. Kids and teens need guidance and support from adults, whether it be family, friends, or teachers. When a bad habit such as becoming argumentative or lazy occurs, people gradually disregard that they are even doing anything bad, it becomes a natural part of their life, even when the bad habit leads to negative consequences. When kids and teens begin becoming lazy, argumentative, or start lying, if nothing is done to stop the habit it will reoccur whether they mean for it to happen or not, and will eventually happen subconsciously, taking a couple seconds or minutes until it is realized. It is almost as if the mind decides to complete the bad habit on its own, causing the individual to lose all control for the decision to complete the action, before it actually occurs.
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