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Most of these functions are carried out in the out-patient setting or in the community setting. These nurses provide patients with information in relation to health education and promotion. They also prepare instructional…
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Nurse Led
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Download file to see previous pages -led clinics also conduct home visits with the patient and their family in order to evaluate their medications and to secure adequate follow-up and verify patient’s stability (Schader,, 2008). They also maintain contact with family to address ongoing health issues and care transitions. The nurses in the nurse-led clinics coordinate patient care with physicians, ensuring that they would receive adequate and timely care appropriate to their condition and their related physical attributes (Rydeman and Tornkvist, 2005).
For the more specific management of diseases, nurses in nurse led clinics assist in the patient’s self-management. These nurses support patient’s efforts in self-managing diabetes by engaging with the emotional context within which the patients live with their condition (Furler, 2008). They work with patients in a way which is consistent with how they incorporate self-care into their daily lives. These nurses also go through critical self-reflection while they are managing their patient’s condition in order to prevent the devaluation of the other support structures for diabetes. As implied from the above discussion, nurse-led clinics can be seen in the community and out-patient setting. They are often based in the rural areas or isolated areas which cannot easily access medical or hospital care. In the community setting, they provide support for hospital and doctor services.
D. (2008). The emotional context of self-management in chronic illness: A qualitative study of the role of health professional support in the self-management of type 2 diabetes. BMC Health Services Research, volume 8 ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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