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Delivering HIGH QUALITY CARE and working with people to provide a positive experience of care is a fundamental part of the nurse - Essay Example

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The Role of the Nurse from Legal, Ethical and Professional Perspective Name Institution Date The Role of the Nurse from Legal, Ethical and Professional Perspective The role of the Nurse from a legal perspective A nurse can act in the capacity of a legal assistant through various ways when caring for patients.Whether pointing out potential medication mistakes, is or her treatment to higher authorities like doctors, nurses often advocate for patient’s views in the health care sector…
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Delivering HIGH QUALITY CARE and working with people to provide a positive experience of care is a fundamental part of the nurse
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Extract of sample "Delivering HIGH QUALITY CARE and working with people to provide a positive experience of care is a fundamental part of the nurse"

Download file to see previous pages Advocating sometimes also calls for nurses to defends patient views that even they do not agree with. In such cases, nurses will put aside their personal opinions as health care is basicallt concerned with the patient needs, and not the feelings of the patient’s caregivers. The role of nurses as temporary legal advisers comes up because most patients tend to feel overwhelmed when confronted with the treatment options available for them. This is particularly true when the patient has been diagnosed with a terminal or life-threatening ailment. Many times, patients also turn to their nurses when seeking advise on how to handle matters that have to do with insurance. Nurses do not merely act as the advocates of the needs of their patients in a hospital setting, but also in government conventions discussing matters to do with the health sector (Yea-Pyng, Watson and Yun-Fang, 2012). Nurses can share their experiences with various patients with policy makers in such meetings and even give suggestions on how different aspects of the health sector can be improved. In most cases, nurses do not supervise or seek to monitor the way in which other medical practitioners, whether doctors or nurses, perform their responsibilities. However, nurses, because of their closeness in proximity to all patients, may be able to detect signs of maltreatment or the wrong treatment being given to a patient that is not under their care. In such cases, the nurse can exercise legal rights on behalf of the patient by reporting such an incidence to a higher authority. This is a special circumstance that calls for the urse to appeal to higher authorities because the patient’s health may be in jeopardy. Most nurses take this step after due consideration of the consequences because there might be contractual obligations that will result in disciplinary action being taken against the nurse if his or her complaint is misunderstood a defamatory action or breach of the patient and his or her caretaker’s privacy. The role of the Nurse from an Ethical perspective Nursing ethics are descriptive of the doctrines that govern how nurses act towards patients and their families. Nurses have a distinctive relationship with their patients. They tend to people at their most vulnerable point when the patients are unable to make decisions for themselves; and are thus entrusted by their charges with a greater amount of trust than is accorded to even religious leaders (Matiti and Trorey, 2008). Nursing ethics objectives include safe guarding the information volunteered by the patient and protecting his or her rights and giving practical guidance on treatment alternatives inspite of any difference in personal ideologies. Due to the rapid technological developments that have been witnessed in healthcare sector, nurses have had to re-examine the issue of ethics in the present settings. Even though nurses are expected to make ethical decisions in matters concerning their patients, they also have to take into account various factors that may affect them. For instance, a nurse may have to make the decision to give expensive treatment to pungent homeless people, drug abusers, or ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Delivering HIGH QUALITY CARE and Working With People to Provide a Essay.
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