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Deepening Affirmations - Essay Example

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Reading his book, I learn many things that I missed to think or rethink about in the past years. His ideas generate a thought or contemplation in which I am able to see the implication of believing that the body…
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Deepening Affirmations
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"Deepening Affirmations"

Download file to see previous pages Generally speaking, the Deepening Affirmation opens up a world of thought that is provocative and an eye-opener.
I have learned remarkably in reading the self-help book written by Benor. In it, Benor asserts the close connection between the body and the mind (1). For instance, the physical pain that a person feels is something that a body wants to communicate to that person. Although physical, at certain extent, pain also exists in one’s mind. Benor’s concept of pain is distinct from what the modern science defines the term “pain.” For him, pain is deeply related to the person’s past. When an individual experiences pain, such pain is not derived from the physical immediate environment but from his or her inner self. With this kind of pain, medicine or any sort of drug medication cannot heal the pain that a person encounters. He or she must discover for him- or herself the historical/psychological reason why the pain emerged. Benor’s idea is fascinating because such concept or theory views the pain (e.g., fear) not in the outside and immediate world but in the inner workings of a person. Thence, pain can be reduced, if not healed completely, through the person him- or herself. Benor presents a method of how to self-help one’s self: WHEE.
There is something agreeable in Benor’s idea of mind, body, and pain. In fact, I have always believed that my body and my mind are interconnected and interrelated. When I think of good thoughts, my body is at ease. And when my body is healthy and strong, my mind is far from dis-ease (borrowed from Benor). What is surprising in his method is the tapping part and the recitation of an affirmative statement. Intuitively, they sound silly. There is no quarrel with the body-mind theory but I find it ridiculous to use the WHEE method. Benor seems to compare pain with a little boy. When a boy is experiencing difficulty or discomfort, the parent or guardian usually gently taps his ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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