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At times, our experiences are fused with other memories that come in our writing. It is like a story telling that comes straight from a tongue of the writer. Usually, a story includes…
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Participation 4
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Participation 4 The purpose of a narrative essay is to make a point be telling your audience a story. How does prewriting and revising help an to write a narrative essay?
Narratives are good way of sharing personal experiences that are loaded in our memories. At times, our experiences are fused with other memories that come in our writing. It is like a story telling that comes straight from a tongue of the writer. Usually, a story includes character, plot, setting, climax and exciting moments that becomes vivid in front of the readers. That helps make writer to make their point. Usually, the three core elements that writer keeps in mind while writing narratives.
1. Involvement of the readers in the story makes it an interesting reading. Dialogues make it emotional and captivating.
2. The story is told to support writers important point.
3. Details such as characters, plot and sequence make the narrative authentic, live and enchanting and that is why their construction and creation is a skillful job from writers point of view.
While writer tries their best to prepare a good narrative essay, it is quite likely that when they read it themselves; they find several sequences or plots in their narrative missing and not producing the kind of effect that is intended.
The remedy is to prewrite the plot and sequences that ensures that important points that writer wants to highlight are covered and supported. Thus, the narrative becomes vivid and enchanting; however, the writer if not fully satisfied can go on revising its writing until it is found to have created the desired effect.
Decter, R. (2007). Writing Skills, online from [Accessed on 7/1/2011] Read More
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Participation 4 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words - 1.
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