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Analyze House Of Leaves In Terms Of Literary Movements, Narratology, Rhetoric, And Aesthitcs - Essay Example

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Narrative Style – A Comparative Analysis – Prajakta Kanegaonkar We enjoy listening of stories from various narrators for each narrator would have his or her own style of telling it. The question whether we listen to the narrating style or the story in itself is yet to receive an appropriate and accurate answer…
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Analyze House Of Leaves In Terms Of Literary Movements, Narratology, Rhetoric, And Aesthitcs
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Extract of sample "Analyze House Of Leaves In Terms Of Literary Movements, Narratology, Rhetoric, And Aesthitcs"

Download file to see previous pages It is imperative that a writer chooses an absolutely perfect style to tell his story. It is also imperative that the writer takes into account the genre he is going to experiment with. It is not unusual that a complicated style overwhelms a reader. There are also good chances whereby a reader may simply lose interest in the story as he is not able to follow the story due to complicated plotting of incidences. However the strength of the story also gets high lightened by the narration which keeps the reader going. Characteristics of narrative styles used by the writers and its impact on readers Danielewski writes in metafiction style. His book has distinct multiple stories. Zampano and his review of a fictitious film, Johnny Truant’s story, Will Navidson’s account of his life and relationships and finally the story of the house in itself. With the extensive use of footnotes and appendices Danielewski tells all the stories simultaneously to the readers. Johnny’s story runs parallel with Zampano’s story and Will Navidson’s account. He uses multiple fonts and different colours for different words. There are mirror images of paragraphs which makes it difficult for an average reader to read the book. Whenever the word ‘house’ is printed in the book, it is printed in the colour blue. Blue is often considered and is associated with cinema. Since the documentary shows the constant expansion of the house from inside the colour blue connects the reader with the cinema which is being assessed. The stories of different characters are told in two different typographies. For many readers the setting of the book seems jumbling. The stories get mixed up in the way they are printed. The mirror images of the paragraphs end up in frustrating the reader. It can also pose serious question on the continuity of the story. Danielewski leaves track of a story in between and reverts to what happens in Johnny’s life. The reader is caught up in Johnny’s story and continues with it forgetting the original track. However after some pages Danielewski returns to the story of Navidson Record. This forces the reader to go back a few pages and catch the thread again. The changes happening inside the house are a sign of emotional and mental state of the people living within. The five and half minute hallway is a clear indication of that. For full five minutes Will keeps walking in the hallway that has suddenly appeared in the house and finds the other end at a wall. This is a clear sign of mental torment he is going through. He has come to this place to save his relations with his family. The sign that Karen keeps looking out of the window to seek his return indicates how lonely she has become and so wants Will to be at her side. The idea of five and a half minute hallway in your own house that is you may come across a dark walking alley that leads you nowhere but a wall certainly terrifies the reader. The depression of the character that he is going nowhere in life transcends through this symbol to the reader. This symbol of hallway is seemingly simple and innocent looking passageway of any home can turn into a deadly dark terrain with no end. The stories in fact are not jumbling but are recursive in nature. They are an intricate maze through which there is no way out. Soon after getting lost in the maze the house takes over the reader through the narrator of the story Johnny Truant. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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