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Paradigm is essentially a view of the world, the location of the subject matter in the world and the range of ways in which the matter is related to or is influenced by the world. Paradigm is fundamental to the development of human perception. It effects the ability to judge the…
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Correct assignment 1A
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The Educational Research Framework Paradigm – definition: Paradigm is essentially a view of the world, the location of the matter in theworld and the range of ways in which the matter is related to or is influenced by the world. Paradigm is fundamental to the development of human perception. It effects the ability to judge the subject matter from the model of the relationship of the subject matter and the world thus conceived. The word paradigm is derived from the Greek word “paradeiknyai” which means “to show side by side”.
The positivist paradigm suggests that application of the scientific method to discovering how the human brain and spinal cord function is the only ‘right’ way to understand the human nervous system and that this study will lead to 100% understanding of the system.
2. Ontology – definition:
Ontology is fundamentally a study of all potential reasons of the existence of a
fact, object or phenomenon that is conducted by studying the various intrinsic features or traits of the subject matter and their relation to the world. It is essentially a quest to know the ‘truth’ about the significance of the subject matter.
Someone with an idealistic ontology feels that reality is based more in the mind and the spirit instead of the physical and material world. Someone who places more emphasis on the material or physical world as a basis for reality would have a materialistic ontological perspective.
3. Epistemology – definition:
Epistemology is the term that refers to the description of the fundamental sources of the development of concepts and human perception and knowledge that helps us to distinguish between the right and wrong and directs our beliefs and actions. In order to consider the sources of knowledge, there follows a debate comparing the rationalism (what seems right) with empiricism (what experience tells).
Different people hold different opinions about the same matter because they have had different experiences with it or heard of it differently. This knowledge helps them to shape their approaches, beliefs and actions. We tend to have different opinion about a person until we happen to know him/her better by having a conversation with him/her. This holds true for beliefs also.
4. Methodology:
Methodology is the planned steps that one anticipates making in order to test whether a hypothesis is correct. The methodology can refer to either a qualitative or quantitative analysis of data collected.
Methodology is based on the study design adopted for the purpose of conducting the research, and includes data collection, analysis and interpretation. When there is a need to know the student’s perception about their curriculum in a certain school, a certain number of students are interviewed or made to fill the questionnaires developed by the researcher. The responses are judged through statistical or manual analysis of the responses as required to generate the conclusions. Read More
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Correct Assignment 1A Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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