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Communication final project - Essay Example

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It is not simple to initiate determined and persistent efforts to penetrate the enigma of friendship in some extent by unearthing and identifying fundamental components of making friends, manifesting their relationship, visualizing the best toward which that friendship of its…
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Communication final project
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Download file to see previous pages This essay is an attempt to summarize and apply Emory Griffin’s ideas about personal friendship and communication.
If what has been mentioned above is true, it is certain that the first and most important among the fundamentals of friendship is shared personal love. Griffin specified the actual range of varied ideas of love among authors in an effort to find an equivalent broad range of understanding of the essentials of communication and mutual love in friendship. Griffin describes ‘personal love’ or what he specifically referred to as ‘intimate friendship’ as a human relationship that has “a life of its own that is greater than the separate lives of the two friends” (Griffin, 1987, 214). This definition apparently includes personal awareness by each on the other’s distinctive self-identity. It has been argued that since intimate friendship us a special type of deep-seated love, it will in fact frequently transform into deep-seated love and create desire, or love, for what the completely loved individual requires as instrumental objectives or as way to these objectives.
Love will encourage actions. Griffin reminds that intimate friendship, of its essence, will be fundamental love, specifically, imbued with sentiments of love such as bliss, pleasure, sweetness, warmth, or in several instances, forgiveness and sympathy. Making friends and keeping them requires a lot of uphill struggles. Elements like acceptance, patience, understanding and love determine friendship in its best. The main thing that grows as roots to the mentioned instruments is communication; nevertheless, reminds Griffin, communication has also its limitations. Not all communication efforts can strengthen, mend, and revive broken relationships; it can also destroy a good friendship. Communication should then be used with extra caution by making use of judgment.
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Communication Final Project Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 Words.
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