Design a policy initiative which would impact on the care and/or control of MENTALLY DISORDERED OFFENDERS - Essay Example

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The problem of caring and controlling mentally disordered offenders has been a major issue in the management of mental health and in the management of our prison systems. Based on a report from the Ministry of Justice (2008), an increase in the number of mentally disordered…
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Design a policy initiative which would impact on the care and/or control of MENTALLY DISORDERED OFFENDERS
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Extract of sample "Design a policy initiative which would impact on the care and/or control of MENTALLY DISORDERED OFFENDERS"

Download file to see previous pages Out of 1255 discharges, 499 were released into the community (Ministry of Justice, 2009). Among those discharged 7% re-offended within two years from discharge. The figures above help lay out the numerical equivalent of the issue involving mentally disordered offenders. In the deeper context, this issue is a major concern because the incarceration process, as well as the care and control of mentally disordered persons is not being adequately addressed by the concerned authorities and by the current policies in place. The reform perspective currently in place for mentally disordered offenders have set forth experimental methods of treatment in areas of psychology, psychiatry, and psychotherapy and these treatments been recognised by the courts (Knight & Stephens, 2009, p. 2). These offenders were then directed to appropriate institutions for care and control. The Mental Health Act of 1959 also laid out important provisions for the care and control of these offenders. Some mentally disordered offenders however did not qualify under the Mental Health Act of 1959 and had to remain in the prison systems (Knight & Stevens, 2009, p. 2). Some form of medical treatment was provided to them however, this was still a limited endeavour towards providing them with medical treatment. The number of incarcerated individuals increased throughout the years because of the increase in the number of decarcerated patients in mental health facilities and the increase in the problems in community care provided to mentally disordered individuals. In other words, this issue stems from the inability of the current prison system to provide adequate mental care for these mentally disordered offenders and from the inadequacy of the current mental health facility incarceration system. Hence, this study now aims to set forth an effective system and policy in the care and control of mentally disordered individuals.
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