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Rising caesarean section rates in the developed world- what needs to be done - Scholarship Essay Example

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Back in the nineteenth century and the early twentieth century, C-sections were performed in emergency cases only, where the life or…
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Rising caesarean section rates in the developed world- what needs to be done
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Extract of sample "Rising caesarean section rates in the developed world- what needs to be done"

Download file to see previous pages These include: maternal health, age, education, marital status, ethnic background and socio-economic perspectives. Women in the developed world are generally career oriented, and therefore, usually delay child birth. Thus the age and the health factors have impeded the natural process of giving birth in such women.
Elective C-section is also opted for by such women because they find it easier to get an appointment for a C-section rather than waiting for their water to break, or for the labour to begin unexpectedly. The fear of labour pains forces many women to choose elective C-section. Education of pregnant women is essential, so as to encourage them to go through the natural process of child birth. Media can play an important role in advocating vaginal birth and in preventing unnecessary C-sections in the developed world.
The socio-economic factor of the women in the developed world is pushing the rates even higher. The cost of a C-section is higher than a vaginal delivery- no wonder how private hospitals pay hefty fees to their surgeons! Insurance coverage is a compelling factor for the physicians to opt for C-section because the majority of the litigation cases are based on the claim that a timely C-section was not performed. The health insurance policies in the developed countries deal strictly with cases of head injuries or cerebral palsy that may occur during vaginal birth.
‘But fear of malpractice and complications on the part of physicians also has increased the use caesareans unnecessarily, Flamm says. On average, 90% of breach-babies are delivered by C-section, as are half of twins. C-section rates also are higher among women with any history of sexually transmitted disease. But the single greatest factor in rising rates, Flamm says, is fear of malpractice suits.’ (Lowers, 37)
The rise in the C-section rates in the developed world has become a cause of concern. To a certain extent, abdominal birth, or C-section birth is taking over the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Rising Caesarean Section Rates in the Developed World- What Needs to Scholarship Essay.
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