Evidence Base Practice of Repeat Cesarean Sections and Vaginal Birth after Cesarean Section - Research Paper Example

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Evidence Base Practice of Repeat Cesarean Sections and Vaginal Births after Cesarean Section Name: Professor: Institution: Course: Date: The reproductive health sector has undergone enormous changes in the recent past. Specifically, child bearing procedures have become safer for both the mother and the child…
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Evidence Base Practice of Repeat Cesarean Sections and Vaginal Birth after Cesarean Section
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Download file to see previous pages The important aspect to highlight in each of the two is the underlying benefits and risks of each method of child birth. There have been observed cases of repeated cesarean as well as that of vaginal birth after cesarean section (VBAC). These aspects will be explored in this paper and evidence of practice presented. Repeat Cesarean Sections Health care specialists have noticed the rising cesarean numbers around the world. These specialists alongside other associate experts have begun campaigns to advocate for reduced cesareans. Women have intentionally and unintentionally opted for cesarean sections. Some cesarean sections have been involuntarily administered, while others have been termed voluntary. When a woman is on labor and fails to give birth the normal way, surgical teams have been availed to address the issue by carrying out a C-section in a bid to assist the mother. Some cesareans have been carried out on voluntary grounds. Women who are capable of delivering normally have had to undergo cesarean section by choice (Menacker 2003). Cesarean sections have increased maternal-newborn health complications. Surgical procedures have been associated with a number of complications that affect both the mother and the newborn. Increased cesareans have also resulted to increased cost of health care especially in the US. This is so due to the health care financing modes of the different states. However, whether the C-section is intentional, unintentional, voluntary or involuntary, the benefits and risks of its practice are important to consider. It is also important to outline what benefits and risks relate to planned or unplanned cesarean. An unplanned cesarean is carried out during labor, when it is established that the mother is not in apposition to deliver normally. This has been termed as an emergency in many reproductive health care institutions. Surgical teams are provided in delivery rooms in case of an emergency. On the other hand, a planned cesarean is a voluntary one. The woman prefers to undertake a cesarean instead of going through the natural birth giving process. Medical researchers have ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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