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Federico uribe - Essay Example

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This is, unsurprisingly, reflected in the artwork being produced today. Rather than being confined to a single medium or form, artists are taking their creative expression…
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Federico uribe
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"Federico uribe"

Download file to see previous pages Uribe is a modern artist currently working out of Florida but represented on an international scale because of his unique approach and style. Born in Bogota, Columbia, the artist made a multi-cultural study of art prior to developing his own style. This style has only continued to evolve as he continues to work. Making a name for himself first with his paintbrush, Uribe is now most known for his works using everyday objects to create unique images and sculptures. The underlying focus of his work is to create connections – connections with his audience, connections with his materials and connections between ideas. When viewed from up close, his work may be revealed as an exploration into the connections between writing utensils and the ways in which we define ourselves while a more distant viewpoint reveals the 3D image of a woman’s body. At the same time, his work creates a connection between historic art, most specifically reminiscent of the Pop Art culture of the 1960s, and contemporary approaches to art in which mixed media is king. Another connection he creates is between the world of fine art and commercial art as he creates pieces that deliberately play on the logos or brand names of makers of products. It is the purpose of the following study to discover more about the artist, his approach to art, his techniques and the ways in which he uses these forms to bridge the spaces between within the postmodern culture.
When discussing current art practices within the postmodern world, it is important to consider the main ideas connected to the “politics of representation.” This term attempts to make a distinction between the content of an image and the form of the image. Another way of thinking about this is the distinction that is made between the sublime and the visual. The sublime refers to the unspoken meaning behind the image, the ideas that cannot be fully explained because words are not big enough but they exist all the same. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Federico Uribe Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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