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Assignment: Anthropometry and Body Composition - Essay Example

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Among the available constructs body mass index (BMI), body fat (%) and total fat mass are considered. These variables are defined using height, weight and circumferences of various parts…
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Assignment: Anthropometry and Body Composition
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Download file to see previous pages There is significant difference between the heights actually measured and heights predicted from the proxy variables. As BMI is a function of height, BMI constructed using the proxy heights also differ significantly from BMI computed using measured heights.
Fat amount measured from skinfolds has been used to get an estimate of body fat. Two different calipers are in use to measure skinfold fat. It is observed that measures available from the two instruments differ significantly.
Finally interdependence among various variables is studied. Using recommended cut-offs contingency chi-squares are computed. They are found significant, indicating neck circumference may be taken as a measure to assess obesity.
Introduction: Nutritional status of an organism is the result of a complex relationship between consumption of nutrients and their expenditure in activities. Nutritional status has been established in the literature as an indicator of health (WHO Technical Report Series, No 797, 1990; The National Diet and Nutrition Survey, 2004). Thus accurate measurement of nutritional status is important to assess an individual’s well-being. Four measures are commonly employed to assess nutritional status, (Gibson, 2005; Lee & Nieman, 2007) of which anthropometric measurements are non-invasive, require least time and cost and place comparatively less burden on the respondents. Anthropometric measurements are an important screening tool to assess whether an individual is underweight, overweight or obese (MUST Tool; WHO Technical Report, 1995).
One of the limitations of anthropometric measurements is that they require to be validated against a population specific standard. Another limitation is that not all anthropometric measurements have high degree of sensitivity and specificity (Gorstein et al., 1994).
However, benefits of using anthropometric measures outweigh their limitations. Accuracy of anthropometric constructs depends on the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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