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Should Canada, North America, and Central America form an American Empire, or super-state, similar to the European Union - Essay Example

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It would only amount to an immature proposition to place Canada, North America and Central America under an imperial super-state where unforeseen implications are rather predictably plausible based on historical events. This theoretical economic and political union has helped in…
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Should Canada, North America, and Central America form an American Empire, or super-state, similar to the European Union
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Extract of sample "Should Canada, North America, and Central America form an American Empire, or super-state, similar to the European Union"

Download file to see previous pages ree leaders, President Bush, Canadian Prime Minister Martin, and President Fox of Mexico conferred to deliberate upon bringing the North American countries as one. The leaders had agreed to settle for a condition in which both political and economic policies on security and antiterrorism would be integrated encompassing sectors as immigration, energy, transportation, and customs and to be complied with by the nations involved.
Combining regulations to such extent might to some point yield the desired results however, since it would eventually expedite border crossing and facilitate an approach that favors ease in clearance of commodities and people at the continental level, one would not afford but imagine how it would give further allowance to entries beyond good cause. Once boundaries become freely movable, there would be huge probability toward illegal trade of goods as in smuggling, drug trafficking, and prostitution. Additionally, the common security perimeter would most likely induce elements that run counter to preservation of culture unique for each nation (Edwards).
Super-state formation, on considering adoption of foreign policy, may entail threat to laws or acts made to protect both human health and environment. Just like the initial step by NAFTA, SPP has also targeted to modify certain regulations that enable corporations or private business firms to file charges against provincial and municipal governments. Later on, this would lessen the chance for environmentalists to express and defend their concerns since the new set of standards regard commercial motives more than environmental impact and would thus limit favor on establishing safety measures on humanitarian aspect. As it turns out, the union inhibits a sense of democracy especially when Amero becomes the new currency upon the mergence (Wells).
The associated plan to establish a global transportation system is initially difficult to gauge given the complexity of the transportation ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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