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Perhaps the most important contribution came from Elton Mayo and others who concluded from an experiment that behavior at work was influenced by other factors other than monetary gain or work environment. They demonstrated the importance of the human element in making…
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Social Person Perspective Matrix
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Key Characteristics and Principles of Social Person Perspective One of the drawbacks of industrialization is that it has led to repetitiveness andmonotony at work which is a major concern in job dissatisfaction.
2. Employees are motivated by acceptance from management and their social needs.
3. Workers realize their sense of identity through interpersonal relationships influenced by behaviors and attitudes.
4. Management driven incentive programs and other controls are playing second fiddle to the more influential social forces of employee peer groups.
Major theorists and their contribution to Social Person Perspective
1. Robert Owen first showed the importance of human needs of employees in 1800.
2. In 1935 Andrew Ure published a book incorporating human factors entitled: “the philosophy of manufacturers.”
3. Perhaps the most important contribution came from Elton Mayo and others who concluded from an experiment that behavior at work was influenced by other factors other than monetary gain or work environment. They demonstrated the importance of the human element in making management decisions.
Relevance to today’s manager
1. Reasonable accommodation to employee’s needs and recognition yields better results. Paying attention to/and motivating your employees has a definite pay-off.
2. Strengthening interpersonal relationships among peers and between management including making thoughtful pronouncements at all times is important in fostering a conflict-free work environment.
Personal Statement
Social person perspective theorists made important contributions on the importance of human dimensions and behaviors at the workplace. Their contribution is invaluable in understanding how psychological needs directly affect productivity and why management must pay close attention to those needs. The greatest weakness to this theory however, is that it gives room to a false sense of achievement and more often than not denies employees a real chance of engagement. Further, human behavior is only one of the many elements at play in a management perspective.
Impact on Personal Management Framework
The social person perspective enables me to allow for individual creativity and encourage good judgment taking cognizance that each employee is unique and has something to offer within the team. By inclusion, I can identify individual social needs while strengthening the team’s (and my own) interpersonal skills.
Sridhar, M. S. (2010). Schools of Management . Retrieved October 15, 2010, from: Read More
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