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Sociological social psychological perspectives - Essay Example

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The three main sociological social psychological perspectives are symbolic interaction, social structure,personality and finally group processesThey influence an individual’s general behavior …
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Sociological social psychological perspectives
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Download file to see previous pages In an attempt to determine the interaction of the three perspectives I have organized the assignment into five examples symbolizing the three perspectives in its natural display to come up with a detailed report of the three concepts of the perspectives’ (Cook & House, 56). Examples from Real Literature The examples come from personal experience of friends in a real literature review. The first scenario, Angie did not like listening to music and this was a complete opposite scenario to her friends. The friends of Angie were a complete opposite of her, because listening to music was one thing they could not avoid any day of their lifetime. They used to do this every day in the company of Angie, this automatically tuned Angie to listening to music, and even she became a friend of radio and television during music time. This was a complete opposite of every body’s expectation and the reason towards Angie’s love of music was that the other friends of her had contributed greatly towards her influence. Secondly, football became the best game played by t famous Essien, because of the influence that he received from his friends. In the beginning, he did not love football, but the influence that he got from watching it either live or through television, made him a superstar (Rosenberg, 10). Moreover, piano influenced mercy, my neighbor; by the way, she saw me, and some of my friends playing it more often. She was not a fun of playing piano and anytime she found us playing it, she walked away and engaged herself into other activities little did she know that it would become her passion for the rest of her life up to date. Driving is also a social psychological perspective example. Majority, do not have the interest of driving, until they see someone repeatedly on the steering wheel and they learn on how to handle vehicles on the road and after sometime they become experts on the road just like the others. Moreover, teaching is a profession learnt from a group or individually through the interaction of people’s ideas and thoughts to come up with a material report and ideas of help. Therefore, sociological social interaction contributes mainly to the psychological perspectives of symbolic interaction, social structure and personality together with group processes in coming up with social mixing and development (Delemater, 67). The interactional sequence The interactional sequence was from the friends through the experience that Angie, Mercy, drivers and Essien received to the final love of what they presently practice. The sequence gives the procedure followed by societal influences to an individual to the point of sociological interaction and complete influence towards an individual way of life. The social groups that contribute to the interactional sequence are secondary and reference groups from collective behavior (Alan, 15). Theoretical perspective The main theoretical perspective that suits my example is symbolic interaction perspective (Rohall, 10). The friends of Angie did influence her to the point of making her the best out of them to listening music. It is symbolic in the sense that despite the fact the she did not love music, her friends love towards music automatically made her love too. She loved music and even became more conversant to it every day due to the symbolic interaction that she engaged through her friends’ contribution. The reason for choosing symbolic interaction perspective is that my example contributes to the four principles that symbolic interaction displays (Milkie, 17). The principle of society and agency, in symbolic interact ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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