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Virtual Reality - Research Paper Example

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Despite the disagreement Virtual Reality has awakened the world in enormous ways and the society should not stay dubious of the tremendous potentials it has to bring in an optimistic way a large technological development. The word "virtual" is rooted with "virtue," an expression…
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Virtual Reality
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Extract of sample "Virtual Reality"

Download file to see previous pages Virtual reality is turning out to be the topic with many opposing viewpoints. It has become the focal point of discussion among the general public for several reasons. Conceivably, this is mostly because of all the potentials which virtual reality develops (Hoffman, 2004). However, despite the disagreement this new technology has awakened, society should not stay dubious. Virtual reality if used in an optimistic way can bring a large technological development.
Military and space technology, the entertainment industry, and the physical sciences contributed to the drive to make advanced computers user friendly. Initially, complex simulators presented low-definition displays through binocular headsets. Addition of position sensors introduced "motion parallax", with depth cues that created the illusion of being within a three-dimensional graphical display.
The invention of a `DataGlove, whose movements could be sensed by the computer and then reconstructed in the display, enabled the observer and computer to interact with instructions given by the observer via simple hand movements such as pointing. The overall effect was that the observer experienced a computer-generated artificial or virtual reality (VR), whose credibility depended largely on the agreement between the simulated imagery and the familiar sensible world (Zimmer, 2004).
Virtual reality applications are finding their way into the mainstream of society. Initially, the use of VR (virtual reality) was seen as valuable only to scientists and engineers whose highly specialized needs more than overcame the poor quality of the computer generated 3D images. For example, scientists can engage in molecular research by moving within molecules to examine their structures. Doctors and other medical personnel can practice elaborate or dangerous procedures before attempting them on human subjects. With special imaging software, the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Virtual Reality Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 Words - 1.
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Virtual Reality on a computer screen or through special goggles. Besides, one can relate with the virtual world as if one is part of it using specially designed equipment (Owens, 2010). According to Isdale (1993), virtual reality is a means for individuals to manipulate, interact and visualize with extremely complex data and computers. In this case, visualization part talks about the computer producing auditory, visual or other sensual outputs to a human being within the computer. This world could be a scientific simulation, a view into a database, or a CAD model. Conversely, the user can relate with the world and directly and control objects within the world. In addition, other processes like simple...
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IT - Virtual Reality everyday life with wonderful investigational power (Wyk & Villiers, 2009; Plancher, Nicolas, & Piolino, 2008). The virtual reality has been around us for many years. In view of the fact that it involves so many factors, hence it took a lot of time and efforts to build it what it is nowadays. In addition, the virtual reality is yet a great deal hyped term that carries people to consider on the eternal virtues of this rising technology and paradigm. However, with the passage of time we are observing a lot of real implementations of virtual reality appearing into life (VRS, 2009). This paper presents a detailed overview of...
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Virtual Reality Technology

... technology is the ability to integrate the technology with real time applications. This paper reviews the history of virtual reality technology, current state, impact of virtual reality technology on social responsibilities, culture, and beliefs as well as the various uses of this technology. Although virtual reality has been on the public limelight for the last 20 years, the technology has been present for a much longer period. It is believed that virtual reality first existed as early as mid-1800. By that time, the technology was in its most crude form and only occurred as panoramic murals (Sherman, et al, 2003). The first persons to use these crude forms of virtual reality were artists. A good example includes Sala delle Prospettive...
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Virtual Reality Research Paper

... powerful human-computer interface. However a number of TV shows, magazines, newspapers and discussions have described virtual reality in many different as, well as in confusing ways (Burdea & Coiffet, 2003). In terms of functionality, virtual reality is defined as the simulation of computer graphics in order to create the real looking world. The three I’s of virtual reality is immersion, interaction and imagination (Burdea & Coiffet, 2003). Some people link virtual reality on the basis of devices such as the head mounted displays also known as goggles are considered as the simulators however, in recent year’s virtual reality is not conducted via head mounted displays but it is done through huge projection screens or desktop PCs (Burdea...
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Virtual Reality

... that carries people to consider on the eternal virtues of this rising technology and paradigm. However, with the passage of time we are observing a lot of real implementations of virtual reality appearing into life (VRS, 2009). This paper presents a detailed overview of virtual reality. In this scenario, this research will cover a lot of aspects which are related to virtual reality such as its history, its associated elements and advantages. History and Overview of Virtual Reality In the era of 80s and 90s, the trend of virtual reality started catching the attention of media and public, in particular the public interested in reading science fiction books. In this scenario, a number of researchers such as William Gibson, Vernor Vinge, Neal...
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Business Case for Virtual Reality

... the cause of art. Recently, the Charity Organization has launched its new and most forward project – installation of a structure dedicating to the contemporary art over the top of a hill. While the location is brilliant, the architecture requires to be taken special care of in terms of setting and looks. The prime objective of this proposal is to assist with project being undertaken by the Charity Organization. We suggest the client to make use of the Virtual Reality (VR) in the construction and development of the whole project. Understanding VR Virtual Reality is a technology that gives the user an impression of the real world and facets, while exploring the computer based environment. The VR is effective in the sense that its expert...
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Phobias and Virtual Reality

...gradually exposing the client to live spiders. Treating Acrophobia Cognitive-behavioral therapy, or CBT, is a main treatment of choice for specific phobias. Behavioral techniques that expose the sufferer to the feared situation either gradually (systematic desensitization) or rapidly (flooding) are frequently used. In addition, the client is taught ways of stopping the panic reaction and regaining emotional control. Traditionally, actual exposure to heights is the most common solution. However, several research studies performed since 2001 have shown that virtual reality may be just as effective. A major advantage of virtual reality treatment is the savings in both cost and time, as there is no need for "on-location" therapist...
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The future of virtual reality

... of development, which allows for correction before it is too late (Lu, 2007). The future for virtual reality is currently getting bigger. Plans are underway to establish virtual offices to carry out business transaction. Starting a business will not be limited to processing physical locations to carrying out business. The whole business environment would be virtual making it cost effective and very efficient (Lu, 2007). The virtual reality has generated to the establishment of virtual worlds. There are companies that favor virtual world and use it to hold their meetings. The virtual world brings people based in various locations into a single virtual place. It has provided a minimum cost solution to the alternative physical movements...
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Realism to Virtual Reality

... REALISM TO VIRTUAL REALITY This is the work of author Bruce Franklin about the America’s war. It’s an essay that displays the war in various media forms including photographs, and motion pictures. The author shows how the Americans manipulate the motion pictures to show how their enemies appear to be very bad before the eyes of the viewers. The essay tries to hide the truth about the US during the war with their counterparts. The images are of great concern since they show a negative attitude towards what happened during the war of the Americans and the Vietnam country at large. The topic of the essay as suggested by the author should have been titled as ‘should images of the American war be shown on television programs. The essay...
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Virtual Reality

... of virtual reality and its application. Discussion Existing systems and solutions The virtual reality systems play an important role in education and training. It provides a solution to some of the challenges that the students may be facing. Virtonomics is one of the existing systems that are widely used by the students during training. It enables the students to test their knowledge and skills in the virtual economy. This has played an important role in providing solutions to the challenges that the students are likely to face in the real world. Virtual reality systems are widely used for military combat training. It enables the recruits to carry out their training under a controlled environment where they can respond to different...
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An Asian Miracle - Myth or Reality

To this was added the ‘entered’ Philippines (Billington, 1997). Japan experienced year after year of economic growth for 30 years while the other countries could sustain it only up to the mid-1990s.
Each of these countries had adopted strategic macroeconomic management disciplines. Rather than allow their country to be ‘colonized’, by foreign capital, they preferred to take their own initiative. The state played a key role in each case by way of mobilizing resources, supporting technology transfer, and inviting Foreign Direct Investment from developed countries. South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia also received support from International economic agencies like the IMF, World Bank, AD...
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Overcrowding: A Reality of Cairos Past and Future

Crowding is not just a problem that concerns space; it also applies pressure of resources, space, and opportunity. Cairo’s efforts to manage its population is mirrored by a continental program in Africa that aims to decentralize commerce and industries by 2015 (Raychaudhuri 6). In 2005, the Egypt Human Development Report (EHDR) 2005 was published and tackled the problems that overcrowding has brought to the city: it cites that the disparity in resources, prospects and representation is a direct deterrent to the national goal of development for Egypt (United Nations Development Programme [UNDP] “Choosing our future: Towards a New Social Contract”, 5-6)

Crowding in urban areas is a problem that all major...
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Reality TV Shows - Keeping Them Real

The winner in Portugal has tried to commit suicide several times already. German Scientists say other contestants may be at risk form Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, a condition sometimes developed after leaving the armed forces. The racist controversy around Big Brother contestants Shilpa Shetty and Jade Goody generated, 200 newspaper articles just in Britain, 1,200 English spoken language newspapers globally, 3,900 articles in other languages, 22,000 blog postings on the internet. (wiki.2007.BB.The UK)

From the bloody combats in The Coliseum in Rome, where 80,000 or so spectators watched executions and hunting spectacles, viewers have roared in support, booed in rejection and basically embraced whatever means of recre...
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Canadas Potential Shift to Privatization a Reality

In order to better regard this topic, a brief history of the implementation of the current Canadian health care system must be discussed. Further, appropriate financial matters should be considered. For the purposes of this essay, laws, and policies applicable to Canadian health care will not be evaluated in detail. However, the Chaouilli case in Quebec will be acknowledged, so as to direct the focus of the essay toward to possibility of the developmental path for a privatized health care system in Canada. Issues concerning the waiting line which may have been expressed on other occasions will be considered as well. Their role in the advancement of the privatization of health care in Canada will be further evaluated.
The Cana...
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Is Your Reality for Real

It is hoped that with the insights shared, the readers will come to a realization that all individual though unique and may be constrained by certain factors, is still capable of achieving a reality that will benefit not only him but the world around him as well. It only takes open-mindedness and willingness to teach and to learn in order to create that intended reality. Existing realities need not be questioned nonetheless, for they are the ones that make living more meaningful and challenging.
Reality is not just an illusion or something that exists in the mind of a single or a group of persons. If it had been the case, the misunderstanding would definitely be a constant part of the reality. Part of what makes a man human i...
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E-Commerce: Airlines and the Virtual Market

Airlines offer all travel-related services and aim to make its website a one-stop solution for all travel-related needs. Thirdly, they can offer cheaper solutions as customers can directly book through the website which eliminates the role of the agent or a broker. They cater to the segment that is looking for international travel quickly and simply without any frills and services (CIM, 2005).

People from many European countries do not follow English and hence to attract and remain competitive, EasyJet has offered services through their website in all the European languages. This lends a personal touch to the services offered and the customers can, from the comfort of their home or workplace make all their bookings. The...
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Identity Perception in the Virtual World

...: Trails and Tribulations Writing this essay was one of the most satisfying things as far as merging creative and theoretical work is concerned. In writing this essay, I was faced with a variety of trails and tribulations. The foremost among these was to choose and adhere to the human relation setting so as to ensure that the reader of this essay will perfectly understand the context and link between theories and real practices in the virtual world. I had to visit a number of blogs so as to realize that topics and issues shift on a day to day basis and have more connection with reality than any conversation one might have in a real time social setting. This put forward the problem of defining the nuances. Therefore, I made use of theories...
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How Far Does the Description of Totalitarianism in Nineteen Eighty-Four Fit Reality

...How far does the of totalitarianism in Nineteen Eighty-Four fit reality? Thesis: Similarly to the society in G. Orwell’s “1984”, nearly all modern societies can be classified as “disciplinary” societies, “discipline” being a type of power, a technology penetrating all possible institutions, connecting them, prolonging their existence, stimulating their convergence and exposition in a brand-new regime. A) What is “disciplinary” society? M. Foucault’s “panopticism” principle and its application to G. Orwell’s “1984” and modern society A quarter of a century ago, Michel Foucault wrote a book about the history of European prison – “Supervise and punish”. This book became one of the basic sources of the new philosophy, which allowed reviewing...
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The Virtual Office Work as a Solution to Work ad Life Imbalances

...The Virtual Office Work as a Solution to Work ad Life Imbalances al Affiliation) Introduction Work life balance in our present society has proven to be very elusive, which has led some commentators comparing it to the myth. It is widely held that, the only way that a person can achieve balance between performing his/her work and having an active social life is through consciously making decisions that facilitate a person to pursue opportunities that are more preferable and within his /her frame of balance. This is in stark contrast to merely following avenues and reacting to emergencies as most people do. By deliberately choosing a path that one feels doesnt infringe too much on his social life, an individual may begin to strike a balance...
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Best Practices for Working in a Virtual Team Environment

Organizational behavior can thus be viewed through internal and external perspectives to determine the resultant impact on the behavior of the employees in an organization. In accordance with the internal perspective theory of assessing organizational behavior, the theory holds that the behavior of an employee is primarily based on the employee’s personal feelings, interactions, experiences and thought. On the other hand, the external perspective theory of assessing the organization's behavior holds that the external environment of the employees has significant control of nature with which the employees behave in an organization.
Organizational culture is the behaviors and values that contribute to the unique psycholog...
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