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Virtual Reality Technology - Essay Example

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This paper reviews the history of virtual reality technology, current state, impact of virtual reality technology on social responsibilities, culture, and beliefs as well as the various uses of this technology. It is interesting to observe how technology has evolved for the last few decades. …
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Virtual Reality Technology
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Download file to see previous pages This discussion highlights that virtual reality has been on the public limelight for the last 20 years, the technology has been present for a much longer period. It is believed that virtual reality first existed as early as mid-1800. By that time, the technology was in its most crude form and only occurred as panoramic murals.
According to the report findings Furness III made a milestone development when he made further advancements to the already available virtual reality technology. He was able to make a flight simulator for American Air Force. His technology provided a solution, albeit partly, to the problem of overwhelming control systems in the pilot cockpit. Comeau and Bryan working at Philco Corporation made another milestone development by creating a head mouted display, which had a magnetic tracking system to guide the head. It is however worth noting that the first head mounted virtual reality gadget was made by Sutherland by the end of 1960s. Interestingly, this gadget was so heavy and large that it had to be mounted on the roof while in use. Sutherland is credited with his efforts and contribution to the world of virtual reality and the fact that he was the first person to come up with an augmented reality head-mounted machine. Whereas many scientists were concentrating on the practical aspect, other scientists such as Roberts contributed to the evolution by writing algorithms for making images clearer and more realistic. McGreevy Michael came up with yet more advancements by coming up with the first Virtual Visual Environment Display system. At this stage, the use of computers in virtual reality machines was more prevalent. Lippman Andy made other remarkable fetes in the evolution of virtual reality in 1978 by integrating the processing power of computers in computing the relationship between the user’s image and the virtual graphic objects. Digitization then made it possible to create silhouettes. Fakespace built a telepresence camera, which had advanced 3D with high-resolution imagery. In 1990s, other contributors such as Larry and Andy Wachowski, Silicon graphics and King Stephen made further developments (Burdea & Coiffet, 2003). At present, virtual reality has become autonomy for the modern society. There is a remarkable acceptance for virtual reality as a component or aspect of modern lifestyle. Virtual reality ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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