Why you want to become a physician and what you can bring to the world of medical health in today's multicultural society - Admission/Application Essay Example

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Science which is used for the betterment of people and helping them get away with the agony they undergo is my priority for practicing…
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Why you want to become a physician and what you can bring to the world of medical health in todays multicultural society
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Being a Physician in a Multicultural Society Medical science is my greatest interest because ithelps people in a meaningful way by actually operating their physical and mental conditions. Science which is used for the betterment of people and helping them get away with the agony they undergo is my priority for practicing medicine.
My interest in the profession of physician became more profound when my father had to get operated with triple bypass surgery. The incident that happened with my father worked as a turning force in my life. I became so influenced with the profession of physician that it was more like an eye opening incident in my life. During my college life, I did not really care about my future but the moment I saw father suffering through the agony of pain in his body, I decided that I need to help people who have mental and physical problems. Looking at my family’s health, I became helpless that I could not do much to help them. My helplessness motivated me to decide for what I wanted to achieve and so I decided to become a physician.
In the current multicultural society, medical health is being one global perspective that needs concern of every state tied together. By becoming a physician I would create a platform where physicians from different cultures can come together to discuss new interventions for the medical issues. I am bilingual as I know Korean and English language. Being a doctor I would surely travel to health camps in different countries and I can surely make use of the languages to communicate with patients. My personality of being humble can easily help me being considerate to patients.
Finally, as a married man having a son who is three years old I think about people who had lost their loved ones, it makes me strong to pursue a career of physician as I could be helpful to people in their hope of relief from pain and agony. Read More
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