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Read Robert C. Solomon's article It's Good Business on pg. 36 of the 11th edtion. Summarize, do you agree or disagree with Solomon's position Why or why not Give examples to support your claim - Essay Example

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The concept of ethics in business is one that is debated, specifically because it changes the operation of a business as well as the success or failure of the business. According to Robert Solomon’s article, It’s Good Business, there are specific considerations to make with…
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Read Robert C. Solomons article Its Good Business on pg. 36 of the 11th edtion. Summarize, do you agree or disagree with Solomons position Why or why not Give examples to support your claim
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Read Robert C. Solomon's article It's Good Business on pg. 36 of the 11th edtion. Summarize, do you agree or disagree with Solomon's position Why or why not Give examples to support your claim

Download file to see previous pages... s can work in favor of a business while providing examples of how businesses fail when they don’t work within ethics are all seen as practical, real life situations that determine the success or failure of a business.
The first main point that Solomon points out is to define what ethics means within a corporation or small business. He shows that ethics is one that is needed on all levels of management and ownership and which creates a framework of success for individuals. More importantly, there is an establishment of ethics is not based on what it means to keep a job or to be a successful business person, but to instead develop a mindset that is based on how one works within a community. Solomon states that “Executives are most effective and successful when they retain their ‘real life’ view of themselves, their position, and the human world outside as well as inside the corporation. Business ethics, ultimately, is just business in its large human context” (34). This particular statement is essential as it defines what ethics means in business. Rather than thinking of it as following business policies and doing what one is told in terms of management, is the need to understand the humanistic element as well as how actions will affect others. This particular point is one that is the foundation of ethics and which shows that the definition of ethics needs to be considered outside of the assumptions made by those who analyze different perspectives.
An example of this definition can be seen in almost any business. A personal example is seen from a friend who works within a computer organization. The mindset in which this individual has is to please the boss and to make sure that the work is efficient and effective. The managerial staff as well as the main CEO is interested in how this will create profit for the business. Similar to Solomon’s point, this doesn’t show a term of ethical behaviors. This individual may find a problem with the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Let us find you another Essay on topic Read Robert C. Solomon's article It's Good Business on pg. 36 of the 11th edtion. Summarize, do you agree or disagree with Solomon's position Why or why not Give examples to support your claim for FREE!
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