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Professional Development Plan - Essay Example

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Moreover, through the participation in tasks activities I was able to understand the practical aspects and needs of business management, especially in regard to ethics and…
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Professional Development Plan
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Extract of sample "Professional Development Plan"

Download file to see previous pages In general, I would characterize my performance during the first year of my studies as satisfactory, taking into consideration the complexity of business management, as a field of knowledge. The first year of my studies gave to me a valuable lesson: existing skills, no matter their extension and uniqueness, can be always developed and improved in order to secure professional development in the long term.
Communication seems to be my key strength. Also, the ability to prioritize activities and develop effective schedules would be included in my strengths. During the first year I’ve realized that I also have the following strength: the ability to identify solutions even under severe pressures. To the above, I should add my ability to keep my control and to take initiatives when immediate decisions have to be taken and where there is no time for checking all existing alternatives.
Despite my strengths, there are areas of improvement so that I’m able to develop my career in business management: Primarily, I should improve my cooperation skills. Even if I’m able to communicate effectively I’ve noted that when having to work along with others it is often difficult to align my schedule with that of my colleagues. This problem in cooperation is possibly related with my weakness in meeting strict deadlines, especially when I am given no room for making suggestions and for taking initiatives. Improvements would be also required in regard another area: my ability to organize tasks. During the first year I was asked to participate in class activities, usually developed by groups of 4-5 students, and in personal tasks, i.e. in projects assigned to each student personally. I’ve realized that I had difficulties in developing tasks simultaneously especially since my cooperation skills are rather low, as explained earlier. As a result, I faced ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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