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Does CCTV reduce crime Critically discuss - Essay Example

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Any act, which goes against the laws made by the government, or any action taken by an individual that goes beyond the boundaries of any specific law is known as a crime. Today, the crime rate in almost every country has…
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Does CCTV reduce crime Critically discuss
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Download file to see previous pages There exist such measures, which have proved to be very useful for personal security. Some of the widely used methods of private security include security alarms, door obstacles, fences, and closed circuit televisions. Hess (2009, p.3) asserts, “Private security meets the needs of individuals, businesses, institutions and organizations that require more protection than is offered by public police officers”.
Before going into the discussion regarding crime reduction/ prevention and using closed circuit televisions to effectively reduce the crime rate, let us get a better understanding of what crime prevention actually is. Crime prevention is an attempt to either prevent the crimes or decrease the level of criminal acts in any specific area or a country. Hayes (1997) found that crime prevention involves design and deploying of protective people, processes, and strategies. These strategies are implemented in various judicial and extra judicial settings. The main goal of any crime prevention strategy is not only to secure the lives and properties of the public but also to eliminate those reasons, which act as the root cause for any sort of unlawful activity. Crime prevention is extremely important for the safety and security of the public. Reducing the risk of victimization is one of the basic objectives of crime prevention. Tilley (2005) found that crime prevention means to reduce the crime rate and event disorders through implementation of effective crime prevention strategies.
Crime rate decreases in a country when the government of that country takes appropriate steps to prevent or reduce the risk of victimization by reducing the crime opportunities for the criminals. If we want to reduce the level of crime rate, we must implement a well-planned crime prevention strategy. Citizens of a country should not just rely on the services provided by the public police. They should also take proper security ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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