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Online Green/Ethical Business - Project - Essay Example

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The rapid growth of the new information and communication technology particularly the internet has revolutionized the ways people conduct business during the current period. In this regard, e-Business is primarily concerned with exchange of electronic information between parties…
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Online Green/Ethical Business - Project
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Download file to see previous pages E-business is increasingly regarded as a valuable tool for more firms and has a large role to play through offering convenient online services to the customers.
Fahad is a renowned player in the cosmetic industry and it offers a variety of products ranging from skin care to other products such as lipstick. Fahad cosmetic products are ethical products since they are FDA tested and are not tested on animals. The customers are scattered all over the globe and they appeal to all age groups since they are specifically meant for skin care which is a necessity to everyone. There are also competitors like Natural Skincare Company, BarryM and Safe Cosmetics in the cosmetic industry. The natural skin care was founded in 2003 by Amanda McGillivary and the catalogue is comprised of organic natural skin care, free hair care, chemical free sunscreens, handmade natural soap, organic for men, make up as well as luxury gifts among others. Barry M was created in 1982 by Barry Mero and is known as the most colourful in cosmetics and UK’s number one fashion. Its catalogue includes nail paints, lipstick as well as cosmetic fashion. The other competitor is Safe Cosmetics which advocates the use of safe cosmetics in the UK. These are all factors that have compelled Fahad to revamp its website and shopping cart with a new dynamically built site that will allow for instant updates whenever a new product is added to the catalogue. Fahad requires a holistic approach since it will certainly bring about various changes to the existing website.
The best way to deliver the products will be home delivery. All the customers who buy the products online would expect to get them within 24 hours if they are resident in UK or they will be shipped to them within seven working days if they live abroad.
If carefully designed, indeed, the benefits of this new web service are tremendous and overwhelming to both Fahad Cosmetics and its customers across the globe since it would be possible to exchange ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Online Green/Ethical Business - Project Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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