The effects of working mothers on children in the UAE - Essay Example

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Family is of absolute magnitude in any social structure of society so long as rearing of children and management of this social institution is concerned. This social institution plays a very important role in uniting social institutions together and also in regulating…
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The effects of working mothers on children in the UAE
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Download file to see previous pages It is mother who guides children towards diverse fields. According to Cuber J.F (1955) an individual’s character is outcome of mother’s efforts. Thus a good mother with impressive credentials will bring up her children in an impressive way and inculcate all of her qualities into them to the maximum. On the other hand, mother who does not devote proper and required attention on her children cannot never attain purpose of hoping her children to be good group members even let alone good citizens. Thus evaluation that mother is, fundamentally, responsible for a good family can be understood from the impacts mother puts on children in a social milieu. Working mothers particularly are prone to effect children’s future because they hardly offer appropriate time to them. This phenomenon has been gaining ground across the globe on general and in UAE in particular.
This paper is drafted to analyse role of mother and impacts which children get from the inattentive attitude mother has for children across the globe especially in UAE. This paper deals chiefly with the case in point of working mothers in UAE. I have structured this paper into various sections in which I have defined working mothers and their statistics, role of maids as a replacement of mothers’, working mothers in UAE and Gulf and negative effects which children get from working mothers. Further, I have also elaborated that factors which have caused increase in number of working mothers in UAE and Gulf and social aspect of working mothers in different sections under different headlines. I end this paper with logical conclusions and also some advices which, I find, essential towards a better future of the children and mothers.
Working mother is one who earns livelihood for her family by working outside of the home. These services earn them handsome amount to make both ends meet and also to bring up children according to social changes and control. It is also a fact that every mother ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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