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Is Glenn Beck a populist - Essay Example

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The controversies and complications that are a part of the modern day approach to politics are now leading to more viewpoints that oppose…
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Is Glenn Beck a populist
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Download file to see previous pages through this program are addressed toward the complications of the current programs and state that there needs to be a change in the structure and function of politics. Specifically, Beck focuses on the elitist class and the way that this has shaped politics outside of the democratic vision that first founded the country. The opinions and viewpoints that Beck holds toward the current political situation is one that defines him as a populist, specifically by showing the loss of power to the people and the lack of change that the government has provided under the names of democracy.
The representation that Glenn Beck carries is one that began with his past and his specific life experiences. It is through the associations that Beck had growing up that led him into the role of representing the populist movement and the different concepts that applied to this. Beck grew up in a rural town in America and began to work into radio beginning at the age of 15. Beck often speaks about the suicide of his mom and the breakdown of his family, which led him into specific difficulties through his earlier life. Through his upbringing, and by the time he reached 30, he went through several small companies and jobs. He claims to have struggled with problems such as alcoholism, drugs and finding his way through America to get the job and dream that he desired. When he turned 30, he had one child and a girlfriend who would only marry him if he began to change some of the concepts in his life. He began to change his path by joining the Mormon religion and focusing on becoming a better career oriented individual. However, as he began to focus on this new path, he also recognized that there was a change in America and what was occurring. The recognition that he found led him into the movement created through his entertainment station and allowed him to begin approaching a different type of entertainment center, specifically which was for the people (Zaitchik, 2009).
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