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Student Stress - speech presentation (mainly based on the poster) - Essay Example

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Today I am going to talk about the stress that students face during their studies and what are some of the ways which can reduce the level of stress for students. To be honest I am actually going to talk about how teachers make the lives of their students more miserable by…
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Student Stress - speech presentation (mainly based on the poster)
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Download file to see previous pages Stress works in cycles wherein we reach back at the point from where we started therefore stress is probably never ending phenomenon if it is not properly addressed. Stress is therefore for us like a never ending vicious circle which we encounter in everyday life and carry it also in our professional and daily routine life.
Stress can have different effects on us and every one of us probably experience some of the effects of this on us. Most common physiological effects include headaches and loose motions, sleeplessness as well as increase in our anger levels. On the physiological side, we often experience loss of interest in our daily activities, aggression as well as showing irritability. On our social front, we find it difficult to socialize and communicate ourselves with our parents as well as our friends, poor performance in the shape of poor grades and a kind of social aloofness which continuously distance us from rest of the world.
In order to overcome such situations, we, the students, therefore require support from our parents and teachers, exercise regularly so that our mood remain pleasant as well as increase our rapport with whom we can trust and express our deepest ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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