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The Google Maps Road Rally - Essay Example

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I have chosen to write about Austin as it is one of fastest growing city in the country ranking third in the list. Austin prides in positioning three fortune 500 companies’ headquarters such as…
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The Google Maps Road Rally
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Download file to see previous pages Austin spreads into 271.8 squares miles in which 6.9 square miles occupies the water. Austin is located near Colorado River along with three beautiful artificial lakes prefixing with lake named as Bird Lake, Austin, and Walter E. Long. Google maps provide the location of lake Austin as shown in the below figure from the website of Google maps after zooming the location. There is beautiful wildflower meadow and shrub/sapling habitat is evolving as the trees grow in stretch of riverbank besides Colorado River. Other species is also showing presence. Biological diversity, better water quality, improvement in oxygen level and flood control is also helpful maintaining sustainable ecosystem in area. The reservoir created in 1939 supports the electricity generation and flood control measurement in the area. Mount Bonnell is another place of interest in the vicinity of Lake Austin to serve as watchtower for the city dwellers. This serves to provide sightseeing to the visitors from the height of 780-feet with nickname Covert Park in the area of 5.36 acres to enjoy the nature’s beauty present in surrounding hills (“Google Maps”).
Population of city is dominated by 63.7% of White Americans in which 49.9% are non-Hispanic according to the survey of 2005-07. The Hispanic population contributes to the 30.5% of the population. Weather condition of city supports the prevalence of subtropical humid climate that can provide sunny days across most of the time in the year. Snowfalls are rare but, it occurs at the interval of two years. City administration comprises the member of council to maintain the governance and law in the Austin. Politically the city remains divided into the groups of environmentalist and promoters of urban advancement (“Google Maps”).
Economically Austin remains one of the thriving city of the US acting as hub for high tech companies including IT giants such as Dell, IBM, Motorola, HP, Apple. University of Texas remains one ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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