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Google Stock - Term Paper Example

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I would recommend the buying of Google stock. The company's current strategy would probably increase their chances of gaining strategic alliances, and make them a more attractive partner. As other companies see that Google is no longer going head on with partners, they may be more willing to cooperate with Google as well…
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Google Stock
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Extract of sample "Google Stock"

Download file to see previous pages The Google search engine uses PageRank, Algortihms, Link Measurement, and Profiling as part of its objective to deliver the most accurate and most relevant results to the searcher. Google also offers a very successful email product called Gmail. Gmail is unique in that it allows the email account holder much more free space (7GB) than the average free email client. In my experience, Gmail is an exceptional email client as it provides many more services than the standard email.
Google Maps is another successful application in that it is not just an average web mapping system. This advanced mapping system offers satellite imagery of most urban cities in the US and around the world. It also can be integrated with many mobile phones, which allows for a GPS mapping system directly on the phone. These features allow its users to find information and easily share it to anyone in the world. With the amount of traffic Google receives on a daily basis, Google has to have some kind of strategy to generate its revenue. One of Google's main sources of revenue is advertising. In 2007, advertising accounted for 99% of Google's revenues. Google implements two main advertising products which are AdSense and AdWords.
AdWords is Google's flagship advertising product and main source of revenue ($16.4 billion in 2007). AdWords offers pay-per-click advertising, and site-targeted advertising for both text and banner ads. The AdWords program includes local, national, and international distribution.
Section 3: The macroeconomics
Google competes to attract and retain relationships with users, advertisers and Google Network members and other content providers in different strategies. Google competes to attract and retain users of its search and communication products and services. Most of the products and services that Google offer to users are free, so they do not compete on price. Instead, they compete in this area on the basis of the relevance and usefulness of their search results and the features, availability and ease of use of their products and services. Google has been an outstanding company in the marketplace ever since its inception and it continues to be and deliver exceptional service to the global market. The move into public ownership brought about more benefits to its employees as well as present and future shareholders. The founders of Google felt that the standard structure of public ownership might jeopardize the independence and focused objectivity that has been apart of Google's past success. Google's leadership team wanted to preserve this aspect of the organization, so they implemented a corporate structure that is designed to protect Google's ability to introduce and retain its most distinctive characteristics.
In 2007 and 2008, cash from Google's financing activities totaled $403.1 million and $87.6 million (Google Inc. 2009). Cash from financing activities is cash flow that takes place between organizations and stockholders and includes loans from bondholders and other creditors (Financial Education 2007). According to Google's numbers, the company is under no risk since the company does not rely solely on outside sources to generate its cash flow.
Cash flow from Google's investing activities negatively increased in 2008 as it ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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... Google I believe that Google has core competencies because it was able to make a breakthrough in the Internet business by transforming its technological tool into a profitable business, by relating its core competence with an innovative way to generate revenue flows and structuring its business with the correct mix of technology and innovation (Sugano, Goncalves and Figueira, p.3). Google is acknowledged to be one of the online giants, together with Yahoo and Amazon. Google has focused on achieving a leadership position by offering the search engine and advertisement engine on the Web. The core competence of Google is based on the technology used in the search service which is capable of building and organizing a database which makes...
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This increase between the offer price and the open price is much greater than the increase for typical IPOs in 2004. Indeed, 82 percent of the IPOs issued in 2004 experienced less of a jump from the offer price to the open price than Google did, and the statistics were similar for IPOs issued prior to Google's debut and following Google's debut.
The enormous post-auction price increase of Google, especially in the immediate weeks and months following its debut, when there were few substantive news releases on changes in company strategy and fundamentals, further suggests that the online auction method may not have priced Google efficiently. Google subsequently soared in the following months to a high of $317.80 on July 21, 20...
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With Google, come a number of different Google domains as these provide for a number of different languages in which information from the world over is available with a single click of the mouse. There are plenty of resources from where different stock quotes can be had, addresses can be found, phone numbers could be tracked, maps could be found out and news headlines can be checked upon. Google provides for a number of different search platforms like the dedicated image search which finds out the most precise of images as requested by the user and then there are the Usenet messages which has more than 1 billion posts and the earliest one dates back to the year 1981 when Internet was not a known thing by all accounts. It is not ne...
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.... $ 25.22 46.7 6,840,000 MSN $ 32.97 18.9 44,282,000 The following is the market share chart: Legend: 1-Google; 2-Yahoo; 3-MSN Works Cited: Linda Tischler, The Beauty of Simplicity,, November 2005, Issue 100, Page 52 Company Valuation Report, New York Stock Exchange, retrieved on 25th November, 2007 from ...Google Inc In 2004 Google became a public corporation. Its debut price was $85 and withina year it rose to $300. The more than 300% growth in its first year is unprecedented to say the least. Google’s main competitor in the search engine business i...
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...The company is d “Google”, a play on the word “Googol” that is a mathematical term for the number followed by a hundred zeros.( represents the spirit of the company, to be constantly innovating and branching out into new areas, so that the company has now evolved into a global enterprise employing 16,800 people and reporting revenues of $16,594 million for the fiscal year ended December 2007.(Datamonitor, 2008). Google has consistently followed a distinctive hiring policy, because it has focused upon pulling in large numbers of employees, especially the cream of the crop in terms of brain power. For example, in the third quarter of 2007 alone, Google hired 2130 people to ensure that it had the best brains...
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...Google’s Company Analysis Google’s Company Analysis Google’s success can be attributed to its ability to transform its innovation strategy in line with the technological advancements in the business and communication sectors. This paper seeks to analyze the eight pillars of the company’s innovation strategy. First, their mission statement guides all innovative capabilities of the organization (Wojcicki, 2011). Their mission statement is mainly centered on transforming people’s lives through innovation. Second, all innovation strategies in the company start small and they are they are launched into well established and profitable business ventures. Ideas such as Google books and Adsense had humble beginnings turning into the most amazing...
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...Google Introduction Google Incorporation got its from the incorrect spelling of googol. It began as a project for two students; Larry Page and Sergey Brin in 1996. At first the two inventors used the Stanford university website calling it; google. stanford. edu. Google was then registered as a company name in 1997 and the company officially began its operations in 1998. By the beginning of 1999, Google had almost 60 million pages. Their first office was the garage of their friend, they later moved to another office in 1999. This office was located in Palo Alto, later obtaining a building in Mountain View. Google has grown to attract large numbers of users who access the internet daily. The company has been selling text based ads...
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... to third party app developer (Reuters 1). Works Cited Google. "Our History in Depth – Company – Google." Google. N.p., Jan. 2015. Web. 2 Apr. 2015. . Reuters. "Google Inc (GOOG.O) Key Developments." Business & Financial News, Breaking US & International News | N.p., Mar. 2015. Web. 2 Apr. 2015. stocks/GOOG.O/key-developments>....
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By the time the year 2000 ended, Google was already handling more than 100 million search queries a day, while always continuously looking for new ways to connect people with the information they needed, whenever and wherever they needed it.
The company founders of Google, Larry Page, and Sergey Brin were apparently actually not very fond of each other when they first met at Stanford University. Both Page and Brin had strong opinions and divergent viewpoints and basically argued about every single topic they discussed. However, it was this anomaly which “…would eventually find common ground in a unique approach to solving one of computing’s biggest challenges: retrieving relevant information from a massive...
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Investors were overwhelmed by opportunities and under-impressed by a lack of results. The financial markets had gained a lukewarm attitude about these gee-whiz technologies and some had developed a "healthy skepticism for fancy PowerPoint presentations that wowed others" (46). Still, Google not only persisted they grew at a phenomenal rate. They shunned advertising and investors from the beginning and went head to head with technical giants such as Microsoft, AltaVista, and Yahoo. Eventually, the technology got too expensive for t...
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